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Designer Swimwear for Your Body Shape

Updated on January 13, 2013

We all know shopping is fun, but for some of us it’s also a daunting task when you can’t seem to find anything that fits and flatters. Once you find a silhouette that compliments your body shape it’s best to buy some extras because you’ve hit the jackpot! What if you took the guess work out of shopping? Whether you’re a dedicated designer swimwear fan or you’re looking for your first luxury swimsuit, you know there are tons of choices out there and silhouettes galore.

Are you ready to purchase designer swimwear with confidence? Here are some helpful hints for particular body features to help ease your shopping.

Fuller on Bottom: Believe it or not, boyshorts and hipster styles actually compliment larger behinds. These styles tend to lie softly against curves embracing them and create a flattering effect at the rear. Plunging necklines will also bring the eye up on your overall style, detracting from fullness on the bottom. Also choosing a split style with a darker bottom or a solid bottom with a printed top will slim your bottom half and pull attention up.

Petite: If you are petite, choose a string bottom. These styles help elongate legs by showing as much leg as possible. Bold colors and graphic prints also look great on petite statures. These styles allow the swimsuit to compliment your body instead of chopping it up into blocks like a solid. Fun and feminine styles also create a focal point on the swimsuit and compliment this shape.


Smaller on Top: If you’re smaller on top, you’re looking to embrace and enhance to create a feminine silhouette. Embellishments are your best friend. Ruffles, fringe and any other embellishments to create attention on top will create an eye-catching style. Padded styles also create the right shape and support needed. Horizontal lines will also enhance your upper half in all the ways that you want.


Bustier on Top: Make sure to choose a top with enough support so you’re comfortable and stylish. A v-neck is an excellent option to show just enough cleavage and elongate your torso, minimizing your fullness. Thick, soft halter straps will allow you to wear the halter style without pain or discomfort. Underwire styles also provide the support you need and create a sweet and feminine shape. Supportive bands under the bust also provide support.


Unwanted Pooch: That dreaded midriff with a little extra that you just don’t want to pull attention to can be annoying. To down-play your middle section choose a style that’s belted at the waist for cinching and creating some curves. Tankinis are always a great choice for this shape to hide anything. Another style that is extra flattering is the empire waist which draws the eyes up.


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