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Designer handbags, sisterhood and collecting things you love.

Updated on April 3, 2015

My Speedy 40 Louis Vuitton


Whoever said diamonds were a girl’s best friend never met designer handbags

Whenever I reflect back in time to the women who came before me I daydream about one particular period of time- the 1950’s. The domestic goddesses who effortlessly glided through their meticulously manicured homes, dressed to a tea, politically correct and satisfied. They dressed themselves with effortless style, in those days it was unacceptable to be caught in a stained fleece robe at noon on Wednesday.

I fantasize about the 1950’s the same way I fantasize and strive to be the do it all/have it all career woman who juggle 5 kids, a 60 hour a week executive job and still manage to show up for every single field trip no hired help and looking refreshed and tailored. Both to me are unattainable one because I cannot time travel and the other, the "women of myth", those super mom's are fictional creature’s we see on TV and hear stories about but have never actually met. Equally intoxicating just not possible.

Since I am not capable of transforming myself into a current day woman of the 1950’s I have found a little slice of happiness in something more attainable, a passion that fulfills my desire to experience the “good life”, gives me a sense of status and boosts my confidence…

ENTER ~Designer Handbags~

Me and my 5th Coach Bag


Designer Handbags have entered my scene

They are hand crafted, authentic, they smell like a new car, there is the satisfaction of finding the perfect one and then waiting and waiting until the perfect moment to bring it home and fill it with all your most prized possessions. I use each bag for 365 days before it’s retired to my handbag hall of fame cradled in its own linen bag. I will daydream about what bags I will hand down to my girls and all the travels each one will take on their arms, guarding their possessions and getting a front row seat in their life. My prized handbags will accompany them when they have outgrown the need for their mother, in that thought I find comfort.

When I first started collecting handbags I bought my first Coach bag, it cost me $208.00 at Nordstrom. As soon as I emptied the contents out of my $15.00 Target purse I knew I’d dived into what would turn into a passion. I carried that bag for years. You don’t have to be rich to have nice things; the best things in life are planned for, saved for and finally brought home to be appreciated. Wiki How has an article dedicated to ways you can spot a fake handbag. I’ll tell you one of the easiest ways to spot a fake- The look in the person’s eyes when you step in line next someone who is totting your same Louis Vuitton bag on her arm but V is missing in Vuitton and she refuses to make eye contact with you. You’d be surprised the numerous ways a woman will devise to hide a bag she knows is a knock-off when trumped by the real deal.

Woman who collect handbags are part of a silent sisterhood, we pass each other with admiration, and we nod to each other in acknowledgment of the wonder on each other’s shoulder. We bond in checkout lines, our bags can work as peace makers when you notice the woman who just ran your foot over with her cart is actually not a rude monster but the stylish and smart lady carrying your covenanted Hermes Crocodile Birkin Bag.

Life isn't easy try to find that one thing that makes you happy. I found mine in the Louis Vuitton Speedy 40 which will grace my side, and we will enjoy every one of our 365 days together.

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© 2015 Karen Ranoni


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