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Look Good on a Budget: Designer Dresses for Rent

Updated on March 9, 2012

Rentals of high-end Designer Dresses

You have been invited to a party requiring formal attire, but you have nothing to wear. You also don’t want to spend a lot of money on a designer dress that may be worn only once. What’s a woman to do? There is a solution to your problem. Why not rent a formal dress?

Rentals of high-end dresses and garments is a growing trend, and there are quite a few websites from which you can rent designer dresses. These dresses are the latest in fashion and will have you looking absolutely fabulous without having to spend your whole paycheck doing so.

The rentals are generally available on websites, most of which offer a good selection of dresses in various sizes all the way up to size 24. There are even websites that offer a selection of matching jewelry to go along with your new rented wardrobe, making you look even more fantastic. Generally the rental process works this way: you order your garments and pay a small deposit, then you receive them, wear them, clean them and then send them back. Once received, your deposit is returned. In some cases, if you don’t have time to clean your rented dress before it is due back you can simply pay a small extra fee to have the company running the website clean it for you.

You can rent designer dress from online vendors

Most of these websites have rentals that start around $25 for a week of use. These online vendors typically offer their garments at rental prices just around 10% of the item’s retail price, and they even offer some dresses for sale at around 80% off their original retail price. These dresses are in perfect to near-perfect condition—they’ve just been worn before.

There are several types of designer dresses available on these rental sites, from wedding dresses to cocktail dresses, and from prom dresses to black-tie affair dresses. You can shop around the different websites to find the one that has your ideal dress. Many websites offer free memberships to streamline the rental process, much like renting a DVD from your neighborhood rental store or kiosk.

Once you rent your perfect dress, you can spend the money you saved on your hair, nails and makeup in order to complete the look. Imagine spending only $80 on an evening out while others spent much more than that. You can be the center of attention, looking like a million bucks—but in reality you only paid a small rental fee. So, when you have a ball or formal party to attend, don’t fret, just rent!

Meg Whitman On Rental Dresses, Advice


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