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The best color contacts for dark brown eyes

Updated on February 7, 2015


These color contacts are the most comfortable colored contacts I've ever worn. I have tried Korean colored contacts, to Solotica colored contacts, and the new air optics colored contacts. These contacts do make my eyes red after I wear them for a certain amount of time, but so do other colored contacts. These are by far the most comfortable out of the other ones I've tried. I wouldn't recommend wearing them for more than eight hours.


I bought my Desio Contacts during their Valentine's Day promotion sale. The contacts come in pairs with the same prescription and because my eyes have different prescriptions, I have to buy two packages of the same color. During the sale, I received three pairs of contacts for the price of two pairs. I paid around $90 or €79.

Left eye has the creamy beige colored contact in, right eye is my natural eye color
Left eye has the creamy beige colored contact in, right eye is my natural eye color


I also own the Desio colored contacts in the color desert dream. The color I'm wearing in the pictures is the creamy beige. They are a gray bluish color and make my eyes noticeably brighter and lighter. Other contacts that I have tried ro not look as natural as these do. I have gotten so many compliments from strangers who tell me how beautiful of eyes I have and assume I get those compliments all the time. Many don't believe that they're not my real eyes. If you have dark brown eyes, I highly recommend these contacts.

Creamy beige lenses
Creamy beige lenses


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    • Emshuang profile image

      Emily Huang 2 years ago from Northern Va

      They're the creamy beige contacts!

    • profile image

      Crystal Barba 2 years ago

      i would like to use these contacts, the color is Caramel Beige?