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Developing a Pleasing Personality

Updated on February 7, 2010


Developing a Pleasing Personality

Personal Grooming


Can you make a head turn or make people take a second look at you? Maybe there is something in the way you carry yourself, the way you move about or something in your general appearance. You may have the "scrubbed" look. Well, that's good grooming. The word grooming used in reference to personal appearance means to take care of or to be neat and tidy. Thus, good grooming means that a person takes good care of all details of dress, hair, skin, teeth and hands.

Being well-groomed has its advantages. When your clothes are neat, clean and appropriate for the oc­casion, when your whole body is fresh and clean, you feel confident. You feel physically comfortable. You feel free to do things re­quired of you. You are happy, pleasant and easy to deal with. People are at­tracted to your pleasing per­sonality.

When you are well-groomed you present a pleasing appearance and you look attractive. This gives you a feeling of well-being and self-assurance. You are no longer afraid that something might be wrong in the way you look. You are not self-conscious and,therefore, can focus on other people and events around you. This enhances good mental attitude. It eliminates emotional dis­turbance and gives you mental comfort. You feel, think, and act more grown-up if you are mentally comfortable.


An attractive appearance helps you to have social poise. It makes you acceptable to other people. You feel socially comfortable. This affects the way you feel, think and act toward other people. This feeling of social well-being is partly because of your pleasing personality. It is also partly due to new and interesting thoughts which are the result of self- assurance and mental comfort.


Improving Your Personal Appearance

Knowing the values of an attractive appearance, you will strive to achieve one. An attractive appearance may help you gain more friends and live a happy family life. Your general appearance helps you make a good impression on people you meet. General appearance includes your face, hair, body and physi­cal health.


Cleanliness and Good Health

Good grooming will help you improve your personal appearance. What do you do to look your best? There are two factors to consider in good grooming cleanliness and good general health. Well brushed, glossy hair, clear, clean skin, glistening teeth and sparkling eyes all contribute to an attractive appearance. Cleanliness, neatness and generally well-cared for appearance add to good looks. But there is no substitute for good health. Without it, it is impossible to have shiny hair, clear skin and vibrant personality


Developing Good Posture

Do you realize that you look the way you feel? You look happy because you feel wonderful. When your face shows interest in others, friendliness and calmness or composure, you appear more attractive. To be attractive, you have to feel attractive. This feeling is shown in your posture. You posture is the way you carry yourself. Good posture affects appearance, the way you look in your clothes and your health. It helps develop poise and improves body functioning.



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