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Dexter Shoes: From Bowling Alley To Catwalk

Updated on March 20, 2011

Dexter Shoes: 40 Years Of Craftsmanship

Dexter shoes have been on the international marketplace for more than forty years as a family owned and operated business. The very first Dexter shoes were introduced in 1959 and were designed and manufactured specifically for female bowlers. Dexter shoes does in fact still make bowling shoes that are extremely popular with professional bowlers.

Dexter Shoes Originated For Bowling

One reason they are so popular is because of the variety of heel pads and soles available that provide certain amounts of friction. This is ideal for bowlers to control how much they slide on a bowling lane.

Dexter Tribe II bowling shoe for men
Dexter Tribe II bowling shoe for men

Dexter shoes have moved beyond the bowling profession into fashion. Their casual shoes are designed to be flexible and look stylish with dressy attire or a relaxed weekend outfit. You won't find many other shoes that are so versatile.

All Dexter shoes are crafted by experienced workers and are designed with fashion and comfort in mind. While these shoes are offered at affordable prices, they are by no means cheap! Dexter shoes are made of quality materials like rubber and leather for optimal support and to ensure a long life.

Dexter shoes incorporates many technological features to improve the feel of their shoes. They use innovations like moisture management and gel padding to keep your feet dry and comfortable. You'll find designs of Dexter shoes that are perfect for any sport, including golf, tennis, soccer and boxing.

The Vidalia Maple golf shoe for women
The Vidalia Maple golf shoe for women

Dexter Shoes Has A Great International Reputation

Dexter has plenty of competition: Air Force One shoes (generally just known as Air Force Ones) are a very popular perennial brand for Nike, but other famous brands include Report shoes, clogs shoes, LAMB shoes, MIA shoes, Pony shoes and K1X(Kickz) shoes. There are no cheap wholesale flip flops in this rarefied category of quality, expensive shoes!

Dexter dress shoes are one of the most popular brands of formal footwear, as Dexter men's shoes and Dexter women's shoes incorporate a high level of stylish fashion and quality materials and workmanship. The company is especially attuned to the female market as Dexter ladies shoes are well known around the world. Dexter womens shoes have a phenomenal international reputation and that extends to the men's models as well. Dexter golf shoes are not the only type of sporting Dexter shoes men prefer, as both Dexter bowling shoes and Dexter boat shoes have special soles that prevent marking on delicate surfaces.

The famous Dexter boat shoes
The famous Dexter boat shoes

Dexter Shoes Are Technologically Advanced

 Harold Alfond was an American executive who established the Dexter Shoe Company and created the concept of the factory outlet store. Harold Alfond was born to Russian Jewish immigrants, Simon and Rose Alfond, in Swampscott, MA, on March 6, 1914. After high school graduation in 1934, Harold was employed at Kesslen Shoe Company in Kennebunk, ME, where his father was already working. In a very short time, Harold rose from menial manual labor to factory superintendent. Soon thereafter he started his own shoe company, Dexter shoes.

Harold Alfond in the 1960s launched an outlet store at Dexter's Skowhegan factory and started selling his own factory defect and overstock shoes and a legend was born!

Comparing Dexter Bowling Shoes

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