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Diadora Cycling Shoes - Top 5 Diadora Bike Shoes

Updated on July 14, 2011

What's the most important gear when going on a cycling trip other than the bike you're riding? You guessed it. The cycling shoes you're wearing. A good, quality, pair of biking shoes don't just provide comfort and protection, but also allow you to ride the bike at a better efficiency. In other words - they're vital for any cyclist.

But what's the best cycling shoe? What makes a good biking shoe?

It's a hard, a realistic question, one that is not easily answered. Luckily the brand Diadora has answered it for us, giving us some of the best cycling shoes on the market; but it begs another question. What's the best Diadora cycling shoe?

Is it he Diadora ergo carbon cycling shoe? Perhaps the Diadora ergo road cycling shoe, or the Diadora team racer cycling shoe?

Let's take a look.


Top 5 Diadora Cycling Shoes


Diadora Speedracer Carbon Cycling Shoe

First up is the Diadora Speedracer biking shoe. The first thing you notice about this cycling shoe is how good it looks; it has a white and green design, with the green being a nice compliment to the already sleek design.

It has three Velcros to keep your foot tight and secure, with one Velcro having the option to be tied down for further security. It's made of air mesh that is synthetic; this makes the Diadora cycling boot very light, but also very durable.

Other Features:

  • Tread
  • 3 Hole Road Compatible
  • Recommended For Road Cycling
  • 1 year Warranty


Diadora Sprinter Cycling Shoe

I love the look of the Diadora biking shoe. It's sleek, yet futuristic looking; it's only white and black, with a couple stripes on the toe and mesh in the middle. I would probably wear this not just while biking it looks so good.

This Diadora cycling shoe is built like the above speedracer except for a few notable differences. it has two Velcro straps instead of three and this, although you wouldn't guess it, makes it lighter on your foot. It also has fiber-glass reinforced soles that ensures every pump of the foot translates fully to the bike.

Other Features:

  • No Tread.
  • 3 Hole Compatible
  • Road Cycling
  • No Warranty


Diadora Ergo Carbon Cycling Shoe

One of the most popular, and the best, Diadora cycling shoe is the Ergo Carbon cycling shoe. An all black boot with silver lining, this cycling shoe looks like it came back enhanced from the future; and it's built that way too.

With supreme velcro straps and bolts, this is one of the most secure cycling shoes you'll ever find. It has fiberglass reinforcement everywhere, keeping your toes secure as well as your ankle; this allows you push the hardest everytime you're peddling.

Other Features:

  • Durable Micro CL
  • Poly-tech Anti-skids (help walking)
  • Accepts a variety of cleats.
  • Warranty


Diadora Team Racer Cycling Shoe

This is the most glamorous Diadora cycling shoe. It has one Velcro strap that keeps it secure, as well as the ability to tie a lace for extra security. It has a jewel like look, with sparkling lining and patterns to give it the quality of 'upper class'.

It has air mesh support, giving your foot breathing room, as well stability.

Other Features:

  • Velcro closures
  • Non-marking soles
  • Good for indoor workouts
  • Accepts Cleats

Diadora Turf Soccer Shoe

Although not specifically designed for cycling, the Diadora turf soccer shoe is an all purpose shoe that works great while cycling. It's look is simple and athletic with no Velcro and instead classic laces.

The shoe offers superior fit , with a padded collar and tongue for extra protection.

Other Features:

  • Grippy outsole
  • Breathable linings
  • Mailable.



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