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Diamante shoes

Updated on August 16, 2012

Diamonds are timeless. Whether you wear it around your neck, in your ears, as a bracelet or just a brooch, the precious stone always stand out among the rest of your outfit. With the onset of new fashion and trend, diamonds have dominated the world of events, galas, evening parties or homecomings. Celebrity icons are seen with these precious stones to match their satin or velvety outfit. Over the course of time, shoe designers have came up with a great idea of incorporating diamonds to a pair of footwear.

Evening Parties

With spring on the air, evening party invitations are frequently in your mailbox and more often than not, you go with the same circle of friends and faces. Over time, you run out of dress, accessories and shoes. Save yourself the trouble! You can still be classy and fabulous without cutting your cost. Transform one of your plain stilettos by putting a shoe clip with diamonds and you have your own diamante shoes. Be creative. You do not have to be a fashion designer to create one. There are a lot of costume jewelry shops that sells different designs like butterflies, flowers or ribbons.

You can also browse through the internet for splendid diamante shoes at a very reasonable price. As shoe is important as the dress you are wearing, be careful of what shoe design you are purchasing online. Keep in mind that even though diamante shoes are fabulous and elegant, it should still compliment to what you will be wearing on that said occasion.


Make your wedding most memorable with wearing a pair of diamante shoes. Diamonds blend well with ivory satin or pure white. For the bride, a low-heeled pair of shoes is recommended. However, if you have a chair set-up in your wedding ceremony, go for a pair of Mary Jane shoes with a diamante encrusted heel or an ankle-strapped sandals with diamante embedded on its straps.

Gift for Her

If you are not sure what to give her on her birthday or on your wedding anniversary, surprise her with diamante shoes. Your wife or daughter will love the gift and will wear it in every special occasion she will be attending to. Choosing a pair for her comes handy with the availability of online shops that specifically sells these lovely shoes. Images are available and measurements are provided for your convenience. Trusted online shops mostly provide free shipping on a certain range and provide exchange policy. Payments are flexible and most of the shops have different methods to choose from. Take into consideration pricing online as well. Great discounts are provided from well-known fashion online shops. There are so many designs to choose from made out of quality and durable materials.

Elegance is simply within your reach with diamante shoes. If you only have a simple evening gown dress in your wardrobe, grab a pair of diamond-studded high-heeled Mary Jane shoes online, matched it with a diamante purse and you will surely be the belle of the night!


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