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Diamond Engagement Ring Settings - Which one is Right for You?

Updated on July 6, 2011

Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

Choosing the right setting for your diamond can make a huge impact on the overall appearance of your engagement ring. On average, your diamond will account for 90% of your entire engagement ring cost. Choosing the right diamond is extremely important but so is choosing the right setting.

There are so many types of diamond engagement ring settings and each of them have pros and cons that I have listed below.

Prong - Prong settings are the most popular and offer varying degrees of support.

Pro - People enjoy the support that a bezel setting offers. It has three to six claws that keep the diamond safe and secure.

Con - Due to its claws it can easily get caught on hair and clothing.

Tension - The stone is held in place by the shank.

Pro - The diamond looks as though it is floating because there is no metal interfering with its appearance.

Con - Offers very little security to the stone so this is not a good choice for active individuals.

Bezel - A metal rim that either partially or entirely surrounds the stone

Pro - Offers a lot of security for the stone.

Con - If the bezel is yellow gold it can create a yellow tint on a white diamond.

Channel - A channel setting is popular for wedding bands and includes horizontal rows of diamonds with no metal in between each stone.

Pro - The surface is completely smooth and will not snag or get caught on hair or clothing.

Con - A ring that is set with stones all the way around can be very difficult to resize

Bar - The bar setting is similar to the channel setting but there are metal bars in between each stone.

Pro - Gives more protection to the stones.

Con - Uneven edges on some bar settings can be uncomfortable.

Pave - rows of small stones that are fitted into holes that have been drilled into the ring.

Pro - Can make the diamonds appear bigger than they actually are.

Con - Stone beds are not as reliable as other settings.


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