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Updated on November 25, 2011


It’s the most important gift you will ever give her, and probably one of the most expensive. It symbolizes your love and decision to stay together forever. Picking the best diamond engagement ring for your future wife isn’t easy, so you should do a little research beforehand.

Below are 5 tips to remember when looking at engagement rings for women

What Style Engagement Ring Should You Buy?

1) Try to determine what style your lady would like. She will be the one having to wear her diamond engagement ring her whole life, so it is important that she will be comfortable with her ring. If you are unable to go window shopping with her, try making a comment about other people’s engagement rings, and see what feedback she gives you. There are many different types of diamond shapes (e.g. Princess diamond, Pear diamond, Oval diamond, etc), and she will most likely will have a preference.

The ‘4 Cs of Diamonds’

2) Diamonds are classified by 4 “Cs”: Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carrot. These four ‘C’ relate to a diamond’s appearance and affect its price

· Carat relates to how much the diamond weighs. The large the diamond(s) in the diamond engagement ring, the more expensive it is. Only you will know how much you can afford to spend, and how big of a diamond you are comfortable getting.

· Clarity relates to how many internal or external imperfections the diamond has. When looking at diamonds, keep in mind that many small imperfections can’t even be seen by the human eye, but their presence can reduce the price you will have to pay substantially.

· Color describes the amount of color a diamond contains. Typically, the diamonds in diamond engagement rings are usually white (i.e. ‘clear').

· Cut refers to how a diamond has been crafted, which reflects in how ‘brilliant’ appears and how much it sparkles.

Shop Around For The Engagement Ring

3) Ask friends where they purchased their diamond engagement rings. Look at a lot of diamonds and compare styles and prices. As with any major purchase, when looking for a diamond engagement ring, it is important to compare what is available and at what price. Visit the larger well-known retailers and see what they are selling their diamonds engagement rings for. Then go to wholesale jeweler to see what an equivalent or similar diamond ring design sells for. Wholesale jewelers will often be able to provide rings for upwards to 50% off a major retailer’s price.

Don’t Forget The Ring Setting.

4) When selecting the best engagement ring, it’s not all about the diamond itself. The ring setting is important too. Do you want to get an engagement ring with a setting made of gold, white gold or platinum? Do you want a design with an engraving? How about an engagement ring with smaller diamonds around the sides or edges? Again, try to get an understanding of what your partner would like.

Get the Grading Report for the Ring

5) When you buy a diamond engagement ring, make sure you get a certificate or “grading report”. It is important for insurance purposes and to validate the authenticity of the diamond ring you are buying.


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