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Diamond Tattoo Meaning

Updated on October 8, 2013

Fascinating Information About the Diamond Tattoo Meaning

Everyone knows that the diamond is the most precious and hardest stone in the planet. It is also very expensive, and only a few have the opportunity to own this fine piece of metal. The diamond was originally discovered in India, which dates back the 4th century BC. Then, it was brought by explorers to Europe, where experts attested to the metal's great value.

If you are considering having this design inked on your skin, then you might want to learn more about the diamond tattoo meaning. This way, the image will become even more meaningful to you instead of merely appearing as a work of art without any significance in your life.

Facts about the Diamond Tattoo Meaning

When people hear the word or even see an actual diamond, they immediately associate it with wealth and prosperity. After all, only the affluent members of the society are fortunate enough to own a piece of jewellery that bears this astounding precious stone. With the shimmering and glistening appearance of this metal, it is impossible for anyone to ignore the classic beauty of diamond. Thus, the diamond tattoo can serve as a symbol for extraordinary beauty, which is similar to the gem's actual physical appeal. You cannot help but notice its impressive and infectious charm regardless of its size. In the same way, bearing this tattoo can express how you value anything that is beautiful and magnificent in this world.

There are also famous quotes about diamonds that express how something plain-looking can eventually look brilliant and stunning. When you hear the adage "diamond in the rough", you know well enough that it pertains to a person who is completely imperfect, yet years of perseverance towards perfection can lead to an individual's ability to become the best. Moreover, the diamond tattoo may be used to express a person's belief that inner beauty counts more than what meets the eye.

Power and Beauty in the Diamond Tattoo

Power and invincibility are other meanings behind the diamond tattoo. Literally, the diamond is a sturdy metal that hardly breaks easily. Most people seek for this rare gem because it does not look like any other precious metals that they have seen in the past. There is something quite bewitching and enchanting about diamonds, and what better way to show the world how much you value this metal is by showing them off as inked permanently on your arm or back.

Generally speaking, diamonds symbolize power and strength because these traits are only some of the most evident features of this metal. In fact, diamonds are sought after, and there are those who will do everything they can just to possess these precious gemstones. Those who own diamonds are considered powerful and enviable because of the superb value that these gems possess.

If you decide to have a diamond tattoo, you are unconsciously sending a message to others about your courage, strength and invincibility. In addition, this design can also be used to express your contentment and happiness since diamonds symbolize good luck and a comfortable lifestyle.

Aside from physical strength, diamonds may also be used to represent inner strength and bravery. In ancient times, people believed that by wearing any piece of jewellery with a diamond, you will receive strength of will and absence of fear. The gemstone is also famous as some kind of an amulet or protection against the dark forces such as epidemics, evil eyes and bad spirits. According to legends, the very first Queen Elizabeth in Britain used the diamond for protection during the time when there was a plague in Europe.

Other Meanings Behind the Diamond Tattoo

Several diamond tattoos have been considered as somewhat magical because the image is believed to offer magical energy. In the Medieval Era, emperors and priests wore a diamond necklace to ward off negative forces. There are even some legends that state how Satan is incapable of bearing the brilliant light emitted by diamonds.

Indeed, the diamond is a true beauty whether on the inside and out. It means a lot of things to people, yet one thing is for sure - having this design imprinted on your skin is a fine choice because of its visible beauty and deep meaning.

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