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Diamond and Ruby Engagement Rings and Wedding Sets

Updated on August 6, 2012

A Bit of History

There are no hard and fast history lessons on how the engagement ring or wedding ring became commonplace. Some believe the use of rings in betrothal (meaning "truth") and marriage ceremonies did not become popular until the 11th century. Others put the time at the Roman era, when iron was used in bands for woman to symbolize the strength of a marriage union, as well as ownership by the husband of his wife.

However the tradition started, and from where it came is not as significant as the fact that the tradition has endured. The ring itself symbolizes eternity, by it's never ending shape, with no beginning or ending of the circle. So it is a very lovely tradition to this day!

In medieval Europe the ruby was always the stone of choice for engagement rings. With the first diamond engagement ring not given until 1477, when the archduke Maximilian of Hamburg gave it to Mary of Burgundy. At that time diamonds were very rare.

Renaissance Italians always gave silver betrothal rings, and replaced them with identical gold ones at the marriage ceremony. This may be where the concept of dual rings began.

Diamond mines found in South Africa in the 1800s were so abundant that diamonds flooded the market, with price ranges and qualities making them so widely available, they lost their allure. Many began to substitute other stones in engagement rings, using emerald and sapphires as well.

It wasn't until 1947, when DeBeers launched the very clever "A diamond is forever" ad campaign, that saw diamonds jump to the head of the crowd for popular engagement rings, where it still stands. This was a very smooth move for DeBeers, since weddings are suppose to join a man and woman together forever.

In today's world where self expression is important to many, and to step away from the crowd is an accepted mode of life, no-one is bound by the tradition of giving or recieving diamonds for engagement or wedding rings.

A fasinating other choice is the ruby!

The Color of Love

The beautiful Ruby... even it's color imparts the apple of one's eye, the love of one's life, the heartfelt affection experienced when finding a lifelong partner. Yes, if love had a color, it would surely be red! And the Ruby is the most lovely red stone to express that long and abiding love!

Rubies have always symbolized love, devotion, integrity, courage, vitality, passion, strength and happiness. Asking someone to marry you, or accepting a marriage proposal might take a bit of each quality to go forward with this lifelong commitment. And the lovely ruby is the perfect stone to embrace each feeling.

When choosing a ruby, or diamond and ruby engagement ring or wedding set, the the fiery red tones of the ruby looks remarkable with the icy cool fire of the diamond. This combination is timeless.

You can choose a ruby in a solitaire, as the center stone, or rubies as complimentary stones to the traditional diamond center stone in an engagement ring. And with the popularity of rubies in engagement rings and wedding sets growing, your choices are growing with leaps and bounds! With ruby and ruby/diamond engagement rings and wedding sets available at most jewelry stores.

Some recent ruby and diamond engagement ring combinations to hit the news include the simple yet lovely ring Mark Zuckerberg gave to his Priscilla, and the beautiful engagement ring on the finger of Jessica Simpson.

Choosing a mixed gem ring, or set, with rubies and diamonds offers so many new possibilities! It allows a couple the opportunity to express their love in unique ways, not available in the recent past.

Since giving and recieving an engagement or wedding ring is an act of love, with whatever ring or set you choose, from the simple and understated, to the the WOW and fantastic, may your love be as endless as the circle of your rings!


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    • RunAbstract profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from USA

      Dear Dim! So sorry it took so long to thank you for your comment! Can't wait to hear from you again!

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 

      5 years ago from Great Britain

      Fabulous rings and fabulous information. Much here that I did not know.

      Thank you.


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