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Diary of a Shopaholic

Updated on May 29, 2012

H&M opening this summer

In case you haven't already heard, H&M will be opening its first store in Jacksonville, Fla. late this summer at the Avenues Mall. Expect the store to be open around July or August 2012. Doing my research I have yet to find an exact date, but from my understanding late summer is still the general consensus. Also for more updates you can always log onto the H&M website itself. (

Along with H&M there will also be the opening of Bare Escentuals, Vans and Papaya. All three stores are scheduled to open throughout the spring and early summer. (I'm sure some of them may be open now. Bare Escentuals was scheduled to open back in March and Papaya was scheduled to open this month. Vans will be opening sometime this summer as well.)

It seems the Avenues has opened and closed a lot of shopping venues. The old Parisians was closed to accodmate the new Forever21. And other small shops have been added like Cotton On and Tri East. While a lot of the older stores have closed like Pottery Barn and Abercrombie & Fitch, the mall still remains big enough to appeal to a varying audience of shoppers. Unlike some of Jacksonville's other local malls (Regency Mall and the Orange Park Mall) this mall seems to attract a diverse crowd of clientel.

Anyone who lives in Jacksonville and loves to shop as much as I do, should be overjoyed by H&M's opening. If you ask me, it's probably the closes thing Jacksonville will ever get to a Macy's. I know that some people were concerned about the location of H&M, but honestly I think it will do well. I would've thought they might have built it in the Town Center, but maybe the Avenues wasn't a bad move either. I think with similar stores open like Forever 21, Body Central, Wet Seal, American Eagle and Charolette Russe, H&M shouldn't have any trouble attracting a similar audience of shoppers.

Now, I've been to the H&M in the Florida Mall and I'm wondering can Jacksonville live up to the same standards. Will Jacksonville's H&M be just as nice and attractive as other popular locations in Florida? I was surprised by the Forever 21 location and it didn't disappoint at all. I'm hoping the same goes for H&M. I'm looking forward to having a quality store in my "neck of the woods" so to speak instead of having to drive to other Florida locations like Orlando or Tampa.


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