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Diesel - Buyers Guide

Updated on March 28, 2012

Originally Diesel was a company who focused entirely on manufacturing clothing. Now they are an international design company who produce a wide range of jeans, clothing, footwear and accessories. Not only are they a leader in discovering new styles they also are dedicated in finding innovative fabrics, manufacturing methods and quality control to ensure an outstanding product is created. In 1978 the company was established by Renzo Rosso who envisioned a brand leader, a company that took chances and created its own niche. Renzo ensured he was surrounded by creative innovators like himself who rejected the notion trend following. Renzo gave his team a design brief which consisted of a mission to create a clothing line ideal for independent people who follow their own unique path in life and for style makers who express their individuality in their dress sense. From its very first days in the late 70s creative directors were told to turn their backs on style dictators and fashion forecasters and to instil trust in their own personal tastes. Now the company is present in over 80 countries which over 5,000 points of sale.

In 2007 Diesel launched a major beachwear campaign for men and women which is available in retail and department stores. The brand is most popular for its denim but has also excelled in ranges of footwear and childrens wear. Diesel Shoes continuously positions itself at the forefront of youth culture and produces a wide range of fashion forward lines. Diesel footwear follows no trend, they set the trend. Bestselling styles include Plaisir, a smart fashionable high heel. Features include leather uppers with neat detail, a 4 inch stacked heel and a leather sole. In terms of mens shoes we love Exposure, a retro inspired high top trainer. The cool denim fabric upper has unique blue jean style seaming with pocket and stud patterning. If you are looking for a smarter style shoe Chrom Hi is a fashion focused boot with a mixture of leather and suede uppers, a neat stacked heel and subtle branding to the heel.


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