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Different Fabric Designs

Updated on May 29, 2013
Example of floral prints that do not bloom.
Example of floral prints that do not bloom.
Floral prints in the office? Rock them out with confidence. Ashley Greene and Blake Lively are blooming in their floral minis.
Floral prints in the office? Rock them out with confidence. Ashley Greene and Blake Lively are blooming in their floral minis.


Reality starlet Kim Kardashian recently donned a full floral print dress on the 2013 MET Gala that made some fashion critics declare that it was an ugly dress. But that does not mean that floral prints should be hated. Some floral prints look like a century old dress taken out from a vintage cabinet (that does not even gives you a chance of visiting Narnia). But with the right cut and style, these flower-patterned frocks can be your next formal party costume.

Floral prints are not just for the ladies anymore. In the high fashion, designers already introduced floral pattern suits, shirts, jackets and ties. Former NBA player Dennis Rodman recently wore a blazer with flower prints on it and it's not liked much. Floral prints for men usually have small floral prints and are usually topped or paired with plain fabrics in order to make it still, manly. Many fashion critics advise men to tone floral prints down and don't repeat the floral prints of the 80's.

The Royals can't even get polka dots off their wardrobe collection.
The Royals can't even get polka dots off their wardrobe collection.
Polka dots print incorporated in other fashion articles such as swimsuits and footwear.
Polka dots print incorporated in other fashion articles such as swimsuits and footwear.

Polka Dots

Did you know, that in the old times, polka dot prints are visually compared to scattered measles and boils? Well, that was the time when polka dots are first introduced. Nowadays, polka dots can still be a fashion risk but may people can pull it off casually. It is already a keeper in the fashion history. Maybe the most popular icon who can be related to polka dots is Minnie Mouse. The woman who captured Mickey Mouse's heart also made the designers on the time of her introduction, to incorporate the print on gowns, dresses and swimsuits.

The polka dot print is often seen in this pair of colors: black and white, red and white and blue and white. The sizes also vary since the day it was introduced to the media. Some patterns are comprised with big and small dots. But the pattern measurement stays the same, the spacing for each dot is uniform all throughout the fabric to maintain the balance.

Stripe in different colors
Stripe in different colors
zigzags, wavy, zebra and irregular
zigzags, wavy, zebra and irregular


Try to think of things that have stripes in it? Here's what I thought of: dresses, hats, bags, wallpapers, umbrellas, navy-like fashion, swimsuits, flip flops, Sheldon Cooper's Doppler effect costume, eyeglasses, and of course, zebras!

Stripes are not just some common fabric designs known to all of us. Like polka dots, stripes are definitely a keeper. This print is often used to create illusions to different body types. For petite body frames, vertical-striped top of pants can create an illusion of longer body or legs. Slimmer people can wear shirts with horizontal stripes to look wider.

Stripe fabric designs also include zigzags, wavy stripes, zebra prints and irregular sized ones.

different checkered prints
different checkered prints


Not all of the people believe that music and fashion strengthen each other. But if we'll talk about pop punk and checkered prints, these two actually coexisted in the 70's. Pop punk is strengthened and symbolized by checkered prints. In the past, the checkered print is so popular that a lot of people wore it. Then recently, the checkered prints became mainstream hip fashion, that people of any age wears it. It is so mainstream that it seems like it lost its drive.

But fashion designers still incorporate checkered prints perfectly into their designs. It is one fabric design that will never be left out. Checkered prints are so iconic that there are already different types for it. Shown in the photo on the right, some of the different types of checkered prints: argyle, plaid, check, the blocked checkered, tattersall, pincheck and tartan.

Gwen Stefani on tie-dyed jeans, tie-dyed shorts, tie-dyed dress on runway
Gwen Stefani on tie-dyed jeans, tie-dyed shorts, tie-dyed dress on runway | Source


Remember that school project where you get to design your own shirt? The messy tie-dyeing is a fun craft activity for both kids and adults alike. Kids may just want to bury their hands on different paint colors while most of us adults would do it for self-expression and showing off our artistic side. Tie-dyeing is still practiced by young adults for their own reasons. It is actually a refreshing view to see people wearing tie-dyed garments. It gives a relaxed and laid back attitude.

If checkered prints has a great follower of pop punk people and the recent teen hipster generation, tie-dye is the official print of hippies and psychedelic music stereotypes. But tie-dye prints are not limited to these people anymore. It found its way to the runway fashion and commercial clothing companies.

Which Fabric Design do you like best?

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