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Different Women's Swimsuit Styles

Updated on June 28, 2013

Swimsuits for Women

Swimsuits for Women
Swimsuits for Women | Source

Swimsuits Women Like

Swimsuits Women Like
Swimsuits Women Like | Source

Swimsuits for women

Looking At You in a Swimsuit Or Less

A one piece swimsuit I see most commonly at my age level, which is in the 40s to 50s range is acceptable, unless again if you have the tight body that most of us do not. Then it goes back to what makes you comfortable, and that should draw the line as to what women wants to show or not show. Women are beautiful, even overweight women if they highlight a particular aspect of themselves. Being timid because you’re a bit overweight should not keep you from enjoying a feel of freedom in your swimsuit. There are more women wearing tattoos and if the suit compliments this tattoo then outstanding. You’re marked for life anyway and somewhere down the line you decided to mark yourself, so enjoy showing off the art work.

The different colors women have to choose from is enormous, and styles are varied. What one person can wear another should not wear perhaps. It depends if it compliments what you have hidden away from view. Basically, women who wears a bikini thong, might as well be nude in my opinion, yet it still is a mystery to most men what is hidden behind the little bit of loin cloth and patches on her breast, so it is titillating to guys. Maybe you don’t care what others think, so you do what feels comfortable for you. This could be your attitude toward what you wear anyways because it is you and only you that will be affected, or looked at by others at the pool or beach.

Men, of course will always stare at a cute woman that wears any type of swimsuit, and though it is not fair to women, it is a fact. We can’t help it, we are visual and women that are beautiful from a guy’s point of view love to see a pretty girl in her bathing suit no matter what type it is. Therefor a note to all women, don’t knock your fellow in the head when a pretty girl goes prancing by and making your husband’s head spin and his lower extremities rise above in attention. This happens and is part of being human, and male.

Go to a nudist resort and you will find that there is actually no head turning going on. It is fascinating what clothes do to a person. When all people are nude there is no staring at a nudist resort. It is common place, and you will be kicked out. Men all know that females have body changes from kids and age, and this is where men do not have to worry about unless, they are fat and have not taken care of themselves. Men, therefor should be in terrific shape, in a perfect world because we have no kids from pregnancy and we don’t have stretch marks that women have to feel self-conscious about. So ease up on yourself if you are women and enjoy the feeling of independence when wearing a swimsuit and show confidence. You will be respected for wearing what compliments your body.

Bottom line is that women are extremely self-conscious, and this is because of men. We make it hard on women to be perfect, whatever that could be. It perplexes a woman as to what to do when choosing a swimsuit to buy and how will she be accepted in this new clothing. Be yourself, and strive for accenting your attributes and hide your flaws if you can. If not, then enjoy life as you are and accept the fact that we are not perfect. Your personality will show in the swimsuit that you chose. You will be admired for your taste, and even gazed at by people that you thought would not take a second look at you. You may be surprised as to what men are genuinely attracted to and that would be you.

Ladies and Swimsuits

Ladies and Swimsuits
Ladies and Swimsuits | Source

The Woman and Swimsuits

The women that wear different swimsuit styles is a versatile woman and appealing as a man speaking. The different styles work well with women whose body shape is as different as the woman who wears them. Of course, as a man, we tend to notice those women that wear remarkably little in the way of clothes, and women know this. If you have the body of a model and can get away with wearing a thong and a little top , we will take notice of this. Unfortunately, for most women this cannot work for certain body styles as a man wearing a Speedo, looking underwear, swimsuit. It is downright ridiculous. Throw also the concept in if you are with this girl who wears a thong bikini and she is with you expect her to get a lot of attention from other men. This can be frustrating to some of the men folk. Yes, we want the lady to look sexy, but to sexy where your friends are eye balling your wife or girl is not particularly comfortable. Therefor, if you want to make us jealous, wear a thong swimsuit when going to the beach or pool.

Some of us do not have this model type body. Men and women together have this issue. So what to wear then? It is the opinion of the person and her personality. Is this woman a flirt and open minded? If so wear the see through looking bikini or thong and compliment your body. The men will show you attention in one way or another. If your overweight and wearing this type of bathing suit, you will gross people out, but again it’s your body and freedom is still alive in America, so read this by your own instincts. It is like seeing a guy with tight shorts on and a perfect body, some women find this stimulating and others will not. You have to figure out a few things when choosing a swimsuit that is featured for your body type. The beach is full of different types and styles of people and their bathing suits. The pregnant women with her bathing suit should feel proud of what she has, and display this in any manner she pleases as a child is on their way into this world. God blessed this woman with a child, and she should show this off.


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