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Different types of Celtic jewelry for men

Updated on February 13, 2013
Claddah Rings are the most popular celtic jewelry for men.
Claddah Rings are the most popular celtic jewelry for men. | Source

What is celtic?

Celtic jewelry is gaining popularity in recent times, owing to its mystic aura and enigmatic elegance. Celtic art is not a new thing and is been enticing people from ages. While this type of art is increasingly becoming popular in recent times, it is a good thing to understand what is Celtic and how it has gained such prominence. Celts are a group of people who migrated from different places and settled down in British Isles. They have introduced a state of art designs which offers a mystic aura on the surrounding ambiance. Today, people are using Celtic jewelry for every occasion including the wedding ceremony.

Different models of Celtic jewelry for men

With changing fashion trends, men are wearing jewelry on a regular basis. Be it a bracelet, chain or a ring, men are taking time to research several models to choose a unique and gorgeous one. Tapping this great demand, jewelers are creating personalized designs and Celtic jewelry is not excluded. There are several designs personalized for men. Here are two most popular models of Celtic jewelry for men.

Claddah Rings

Claddah rings signify a great sense of love and commitment. Right from the first time when Joyce gifted this jewelry to his loved one, these rings are considered as the best gift on a romantic date. A Claddah ring is famous for its spiral designs. Depending on your choice you can purchase rings with single, double or triple spirals. These rings contain a stylish design which increases the classiness of your personality. This is one reason why men love to wear Celtic jewelry of this kind.

There are several options entitled to you, based on the metal and design. White gold is the most common metal used for Celtic jewelry as the metal enhances the beauty of the design. In white gold wedding bands, two tone models are the most popular ones in recent times.

Knot and weave designs

The next popular models of celtic jewelry are the knot and weave designs. These wedding bands display an enigmatic charm to entice viewers. They are created using impeccable art and are worth the investment. The majestic ambiance offered by this Celtic jewelry is one reason for its popularity among men. In addition to these two models, there are several other models based on metal, design or style. While jewelry is always precious, take ample time to browse through various models and choose a perfect product for that special occasion. Another important aspect is to purchase Celtic jewelry always from a reputable store.


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