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Different types of hair pieces for different uses

Updated on September 7, 2011
Factors to consider
There are a wide range of different hair extension types, many are a trade off between how easy they are to attach, how long they last and how they look when added. This means that the hair pieces you use will need to be chosen based on which of these factors is most important to you. Cost is another factor and you may be willing to pay a salon for adding hair pieces when you will have them in for several months and ant them looking great. If you just want to wear them short term, or even for one special occasion, then you may choose to go for a do it yourself hair piece option. If you want to use do it yourself hair pieces your choice will be somewhat limited, but then again there are still good looking options and relatively long lasting options, they aren’t always the same and you also need to consider the learning curve that some types of hair extension have. Some hair extension piece types can be added very easily yourself, others need to be added by someone else with some degree of skill. Those hairpiece types that are easy to add yourself or with a friend’s help include the pre bonded hair pieces which also look good these are an alternative to clip in extensions that even with mini clips don’t always look quite natural.

Clip In and Glue In hair pieces
Clip in hair pieces are very quick to add and can be reused and repositioned if you are not happy with how they look, this is lucky as if done badly they can leave obvious lumps under the hair or the clips can be clearly visible. With pre bonded extensions they cannot be reused or repositioned so you need to get it right first time but that is easier to do.
The glue on pre bonded hair extensions allows you to add you hair pieces to the scalp at the root of your hair so there is no gap and it looks natural. These should also sit flat if done well. Both clip in and pre bonded hair pieces are ideal for adding quickly on a whim such as before a night out or a special event such as a wedding: they are quick to do and you don’t need anything else. Pre bonded extensions do last longer though, potentially a few weeks before the water proof glue wears off so they can also be used for longer use though some people find the glue irritates their scalp after some time. Other glue in extensions where the glue is added separately are a little harder to use than pre bonded though also fairly quick to add at home: they can look a little better if done well and so may be better for long term use: especially as the glue can be positioned so the hair runs in the ideal direction and sits flat. The problem with pre bonded or non pre bonded glue in extensions though is that it can be difficult to move the hair pieces along with the rest of the hair to fall in different directions. Though suitable for longer use the way the hair moves and the choice of hair styles will be limited.

Micro Loop and Hair Loc Hair pieces
With other hair piece types it is possible to have hair that looks even more like your own hair and also acts more like it. Part of your choice may be down to your hair type. Micro Loop or hair loc hair pieces are good for people with fine or short hair, they are also good for being reusable, once in you can leave them in for some time or take them out. They do take more time to put in and are very difficult to do yourself but they are perhaps the most versatile hair extension type.

Braiding and Weaving
If you do want hair extensions that will last a long time though and know you don’t want to take them out then weaving or braiding options may be the best option. Because hair pieces that are braided or sewn attach to your hair there is no visible join and the extensions move with your own hair in a natural way meaning they can easily be styled as required. Weaving, braiding or micro braiding all require a good deal of skill and so will usually be done by a salon but there is no reason why they cannot be done at home if you take time to master the procedure though you will only be able to apply hair pieces to other people.


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