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Disney Apparel - Buy Disney Clothing Online

Updated on March 14, 2011

Since the age of technology there have been many new companies, new trends, and new franchises to grab our attention; movies and books like Harry Potter or video game phenomenas like Pokémon and Halo. Some of these last while some are short-lived - anyone remember furbies?. The point is is that although we love to jump on the band-wagon of certain trends and fictional characters, in the end there is only one company in which we truly hold our (childhood) hearts too.

You probably already guessed it: Disney.

Disney movies, Disneyland, Disney world, Disney characters, Disney games, Disney books... the list of Disney merchandise goes on and on - including Disney apparel.

Disney clothing is one of the more popular types of clothing for people of all ages. Disney apparel for adults, Disney apparel for kids, Disney apparel for woman, Disney apparel for men; the amount of variety exists in Disney clothing is paramount, making it a great gift idea for Christmas and Birthdays.


Types of Disney Clothes For Sale:

  • Cheap Disney Apparel
  • Disney Clothes For Kids
  • Disney Clothes For Adults
  • Disney Clothes For Girls
  • Disney Clothes For Boys
  • Discount Disney Apparel
  • Disney Jacket
  • Disney T Shirts
  • Disney Pants
  • Disney Sweatshirts
  • Disney Hoodies

Buy Disney Clothing Online

Disney clothes are worn everywhere; you see them on people as you walk down the street, at the movies, and on TV. Disney is heavily advertised by the people who enjoy it's merchandise; it's why we love it so much.

There are many different kinds of Disney clothes one can buy, some that are suitable for adults only, with some good for girls and boys. The point is that if you want to buy disney apparel you can - for whoever wants it.


Buy Disney Clothes For Kids

Disney Apparel For Kids

The most popular type of Disney apparel is Disney clothing for kids.  Why?  Why not.  Much of Disney  - the movies, the games - is aimed for children so it makes sense that the most popular and the best selling Disney clothes are the ones for children. 

One of the coolest parts about Disney apparel for children is that many of the Disney T Shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts are designed with the logo of one specific character; and since the Disney Universe is so full of characters, most of them very lovable, it's easy to find a piece of clothing that is suitable for whoever you're buying for. 

One of most popular Disney T shirts in the Disney clothing for kids line is the Bambi T Shirt.  Bambi is one of the original Disney characters, making him an excellent choice for a T shirt or sweater.  One of the best selling Disney T Shirts is the Bambi T shirt for girls; it's white, with black lining, and has a big picture of Bambi directly in the middle.  What better way to show your Disney love then sporting one of it's most endeared characters?

Disney Apparel For Girls For Sale

Disney Clothes For Girls

For some reasons more girls like Disney than boys.

Alright - so it's probably not that many. I'm sure the majority of us guys are closet Disney lovers ( what guy doesn't appreciate the fight between Simba and Scar at the end of Lion King? It's street fighting at its finest).

The point is that girls, especially young girls, are much more vocal about Disney than boys; hence the numerous amount of Disney t shirts for girls and other girl Disney apparel.

The main theme for Disney clothing for girls is pink, Minnie Mouse, and Tinker bell. Year after year thousands of different t shirts and other attire are sold featuring at least of those characters in one of those colors.

One of the best selling is the the long sleeve Minnie Mouse tee shirt. IT features a coolly designed Minnie on a grey cotton material: it's simple - yet nice.

Disney Apparel For Adults

When it comes to Disney clothing for adults the amount of choices slowly starts to become limited.  I wonder why?  Maybe because we don't like to remember our childhood, how happy it was... nostalgia is a tricky thing.  Anyways. 

Although there doesn't exist such a wide range of products like, say, with Disney clothes for girls, there still exists enough to fill the void.  Disney apparel for men is the least bought, with Disney clothes for woman being the most purchased. 

The majority of Disney clothes for adults bought are not actually clothes, but costumes.  You can buy many, many different types of Disney costumes, such as Mr. Incredible and Goofy.  Although it's something that is worn everyday, it's still a nice gift.  

Disney Apparel For Women

Like I mentioned earlier their exists much more choices for womens apparel then there does Men's apparel in the Disney universe.  This is a good thing, guys: it means we know what we can buy her for Christmas, or her Birthday, and not feel bad for wearing the same thing. 

Womens Disney clothes range a bit more color than the smaller versions (not just purple and pink) but still maintain the simplistic nature in design.  Many feature just a single characters, or a group of characters, that fall under a single theme.

Some of the best selling are the Minnie Mouse and Micky Mouse Tank tops; they come in a variety of colors and feature a vivid drawing of one of the mouses. 

Disney costumes also exist for Women, although the selection, oddly enough, isn't as great as it is for men. 


Disney Jackets, Disney Hoodies, Disney Sweatshirts

The final line of Disney Apparel that I should mention - that I need to mention - is Disney jackets, Disney Hoodies and Disney sweaters.  They are, by far, the most popular piece of Disney clothing for sale - and rightly so.  You can purchase a sweatshirt, for example, of almost any Disney character; the same goes for all hoodies and jackets.

This range makes it clothing apparel for people of all ages and genders; there are numerous Disney hoodies for men to buy, just as there are many Disney jackets for little girls for sale. 

My favorite?

The Disney cars boys rain jacket.  Why?  It's very cheap Disney apparel - in fact you might even it call it discount Disney apparel, and features a very sleek design of red and black.   Many other Disney jackets for boy, and for girls, follow the same design plan - affordable and good-looking. 

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Disney transcends all.
Disney transcends all. | Source


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    • brainstuffsme profile image

      brainstuffsme 7 years ago

      Thanks for sharing these Disney Clothes!

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 7 years ago from Minnesota

      Great hub on Disney clothes. Lots of great ideas for Christmas. Thanks