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Disney Sleepwear - Disney Pajamas For Sale

Updated on June 23, 2011

What do you get into when you come home from work and a busy day? Pajamas.

What is the most comfortable piece of clothing in the world? Pajamas.

See what I'm getting at. Disney pajamas one of the best selling clothes on the planet because of the reasons mentioned above; there's nothing better than lying in bed with comfy pajamas that are supporting some of your favorite Disney characters.

Disney pajamas - and all Disney sleepwear - range for people of all ages and genders. Disney pajamas for women, Disney pajamas for men, Disney pajamas for boys, Disney pajamas for girls... the amount of Disney pajamas to buy to choose from is endless, making them an excellent choice for a Christmas and birthday presents.


Disney Pajamas For Kids

Disney pajamas for kids are, by far, out of all Disney pajamas, the bestselling.  The best thing about Disney pajamas is that they come in sets; this means you'll get Disney pants and a Disney tee shirt when you buy Disney pajamas.  Furthermore they come in themes, such as Disney car pajamas, Disney toy story pajamas, and Disney Aladdin pajamas. 

My personal favorite set of Disney pajamas for children is the Disney Cars pajamas.  They're a two piece pajama with a lightning Queenie print top and long pant with more cars logos.  Made with 100% cotton these are some of the best Disney pajamas for kids to buy. 

Disney Pajamas For Women

The Disney pajamas for women apparel is more for teenage girls than it is for women - that's not to mean women can't wear, just that the design and style is for a younger crowd. 

Disney pajamas for ladies have some of most stylish two piece sets in the world.  Most of them are made out of soft fleece, making them some of the most comfortable Disney pajamas.  The designs are simple - a logo on the top piece, with smaller logos on the leggings, but it gets the point across. 

One of the best selling Disney pajamas for women is the Disney womens holiday Mickey mouse pajamas.  Made out of 100% cotton, with an elastic waist and a drawstring, they are very comfortable. 

Buy Disney Slippers

Disney Slippers

Disney slippers are one of the most popular pieces of Disney sleepwear. They come is sizes that are good for both kids and adults alike.

They are extremely comfortable, with soft linings that usually come with a top the is either padded or cushioned. For example the Tinker bell slippers are made with cotton, and have a Tinker Bell character attached.

One of the most popular Disney slippers for boys is the Disney Pixar cars soft shoe slippers. Built in the design of a car, this Disney slipper is very comfortable. The entire slipper is made out of one material, keeping your entire foot warm and soft.

Another popular Disney slipper for girls is the Micky mouse club slipper.   It's made in the same design as the Cars slipper making it, once again, very comfortable.




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    • profile image 6 years ago

      I am looking for the two piece, Disney characters, fleece pajamas. If you can give me the web site on this I would really appreciate it. Thank You.