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Dive Watches

Updated on January 5, 2011

The quintessential Dive Watch, the Victorinox Swiss Army Professional Dive Master 500M
features the luxury and status of an expensive watch at a fraction of the cost

Dive watches are the quintessential man's watch. Originally designed for diving, where keeping track of time is of the utmost importance (your air only lasts so long), these watches have long been known for being reliable chronographs. And as such, they've had a ton of features designed into them.

But over the years dive watches have become known as a statement of your manliness. The physically large, imposing watch face on your wrist makes a bold first impression, but then there's the subtle implications of diving – the danger of submerging deep underwater where dangerous creatures are and you have only the air in your tank to survive. The diver's image is one of adventure and risk-taking and, whether or not you actually dive, you inherit some of that image wearing this watch. After all, a man who wears a dive watch is certainly in control.

But whether you actually need a watch for diving or just like the style, below are some of the best dive watches available. Each one has been picked based on its large size, brand reputation, and functionality so you can feel confident knowing you're getting a man's watch

Luminox Navy Seal Dive Watch

The original dive watch used by the Navy SEALs, this watch is on the small side of a men's diving watch.  Nevertheless, this bad-ass tactical watch exudes confidence with a black plated stainless steel and a matching black polyurethane strap.  There is a unidirectional bezel on the top that's perfect for timing your air, and the coin-edge on the bezel provides extra grip.  The best feature of the Luminox watch is the patented illumination system that's 100 times brighter than other illumination features on watches.  So when you're in the depths, you'll have no problem telling the time.

Citizen Eco-Drive Professional Diver

The Professional Diver is a Citizen men's watch that is not only functional but also very classy.  This watch could be worn as a dress watch and/or used for diving.  This dive watch uses the eco-drive technology that has made Citizen famous.  The watch charges with solar power and has a 180 day reserve.  The watch design incorporates many classic dive watch features such as the rotating bezel and clear watch display.  In fact the watch display is very clean and uncluttered (unlike some dive watches) and the large, white dotted hour markers are easy to view at any depth.  The watch itself is water resistant up to 300 meters and the watch has an extra-long watch strap that will fit over a dive suit if used for diving.

Seiko Adventure Kinetic Diver Watch

If you're looking for something that looks a little different but functions the same, you'll definitely enjoy the Seiko Kinetic Diver.  The primary feature of this dive watch is that it has a built in battery charger that uses the movement of your wrist to generate electricity.  Just to be clear, the movement is quartz, and a high quality quartz movement at that, but the regeneration feature is a lot like an automatic watch.  The Kinetic Diver features a strong 45 mm stainless steel watch case that is just about the perfect size for a man's watch (not too big, not too small).  The casing is framed by the typical unidirectional bezel that is also stainless steel (a vital feature) and is grooved for better grip.  The watch face clear and precise white dotted hour markers while the minutes are clearly defined.  To finish it off, the tough black polyurethane band is incredibly flexible and tough, making this one of the more rugged dive watches available. 

Citizen 20th Anniversary Aqualand Eco-Drive Edition

Now if you're really a diver and not just looking for the dive watch style, you'll truly appreciate the Aqualand 20th anniversary watch.  This watch has everything that you take for granted in a Citizen watch: the eco-drive technology that uses solar power to keep the battery charged (meaning that you never have to change the battery), the precise quartz movement for extremely accurate time keeping, the quality construction of the stainless steel watch and polyurethane strap.  But then there are the additional dive features that make this quite possibly the best watch for diving.  It has a dive computer that automatically goes into dive mode as soon as you submerge.  It measures and displays the current depth and length of the dive, it records the maximum depth, it also keeps track of the water temperature, it has a surface interval built in and it keeps track of the last 20 dives you've done.  What other diving watch can compare with all of that?

Victorinox Swiss Army Professional Dive Master 500M Mens Watch

No collection of dive watches would be complete without a classy, Rolex style luxury watch.  Forgoing any of the super expensive luxury dive watches, the Swiss Army Professional Dive Master gives you the look and feel of a Rolex at a fraction of the price.  The Dive Master features a highly polished stainless steel watch and bracelet.  The stunning blue face fills out the 44mm case and the reflective raised hour markers still hold true to the diver style.  This watch still has the features needed to function as a dive watch; the water resistance up to 500 meters and the rotating bezel for timing.  But everything about this classy dress watch exudes sophistication and status.  This is a great luxury watch at a bargain.


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