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Divers Watches What You Need Know!

Updated on February 5, 2013

Do you go diving? Chances are you don't or if you do you'll already have a purpose designed divers watch.

Confused? Well there are two kinds of gents watches, or ladies watches for that matter, commonly described as divers watches or dive watches, one you'll find in most jewelery or watch stores and those you'll find mostly in shops selling dive equipment.

Buying A Divers Watch

The Professional Divers Watch Vs The Jewelry Watch

When you see a professional divers watch you'll know it's not the average jewelery watch, it will generally have a much larger dial face, usually with a rubber like strap capable of fitting over the top of a dive suit without the likelihood of it damaging it, it won't be confused with a stylish piece of jewelery!

The difference between the two is not just cosmetic, the standards they are designed to meet with regard to their water resistant properties are different, real diving watches have to meet standard ISO 6425 and the jewelery watch standard is ISO 2281.

Time Can Be A Life Or Death Matter

For a diver time is critical and accurately knowing it can literally be a matter of life, death or serious illness so the demands of ISO 6425 reflect this fact. The standard for jewelery watches also stipulates water resistant standards and some can actually be used for diving in some circumstances, but generally the water resistant figures indicates what activities a watch can safely be used for rather than an actual diving depth it could be used at, see reasons and activities recommended in a water resistant guide.

Dive Computers

With the advent of wrist sized computers the dive watch in some cases is being replaced or augmented by the dive computer. This is much more than a watch, it can carry out specialist and complicated calculations relevant to the diving world, so that a diver will know how long it is safe to dive for. Including such things as decompression stops to prevent divers getting "the bends" (decompression sickness) as they return from depth to the surface. They may also include a compass and various temperature and pressure readings too.

Stylish Divers Watches

However most men don't need a deep sea divers watch, but the rugged good looks of a divers watch is very appealing for many and that alone is enough reason to buy one. One of the very desirable divers watch is any one of the Omega Seamaster range, one of the watches is sported in the movies by James

Omega Seamaster

You don't need to part with big bucks for a good quality divers watch, but look for one with a water resistant figure of 200m and you'll have a watch that can be used for most activities including water sports but not diving, if you really don't want to have a separate watch to do some recreational diving with look for water resistant figure of 1000m, however for safety reasons there are purpose built watches that are a better choice, they just don't double up as great looking watches!

These watches are still a great style choice in or out of the water. See a range of Divers Watches < Here


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