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Do Eyelashes Grow Back if You Pull Them Out?

Updated on August 1, 2010

Eyelashes play an important role in the protection of the eyes from things like dust and small flies as anything that comes in contact with them is going to trigger them shut before they reach the eyes. They are also important in that they add to the beauty of the person especially when they are in place otherwise we do not notice the opposite effect of a bad look unless we were to lose them. Ladies have the advantage of tweaking the eyelashes to have different looks that they might desire.

It baffles one on why someone may pull or pluck out their eyelashes but this is actually a problem for some who are said to have this compulsive urge and they pull out their eyelashes from time to time, it is one of those bad habits that some people have like biting their nails. If you are such a person who has this habit then you have start looking for help which will eliminate your habit otherwise even if the eyelashes grow back they will only be pulled out again, one can seek professional help or search for information on how to get rid of this bad habit. A good tip is to be on the lookout and be aware when such behavior is likely to occur.

At other times one might pull out the eyelashes by accident most likely when applying makeup or removing it from the eyelashes. They are plenty of makeup that is applied to the eyelashes like mascara which sometimes cakes the eyelashes and makes it difficult to remove at night resulting in some lashes being pulled out, make sure that you use reputable brands of mascara which will have less effects of caking the eyelashes. Other ladies use eyelash extensions which are individually applied to the eyelashes and this is done by special glue which makes it difficult for one to remove the extensions, it is recommended to visit your saloon again when you want to have the extensions removed.

Eyelashes are like the hair on your head and although their lifecycles are different they both grow back when they are pulled out or cut as long as the follicles which grow the lashes have not been damaged due to the trauma. In such an instance it means the hair follicle has to heal for it to grow the lashes. Getting to know some tips in applying and removing makeup for the eyelashes will go a long way in addressing your problem of accidentally pulling off your beautiful eyelashes and maintain your look.


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    • profile image

      candy 2 years ago

      What happens when you pluck them and you can see the skin or whatever is that bad will they grow back

    • profile image

      carla 3 years ago

      I do have a habit to pulling my eyelashes out I just really hope they grow back I didn't realize what I have been doing