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Do it Yourself, Circle Skirt!

Updated on November 8, 2009
A pretty purple circle skirt!
A pretty purple circle skirt!
A helpful diagram of what you'll be doing!
A helpful diagram of what you'll be doing!
Add a pretty jeweled, tasseled and coin adorned hip scarf or belt for a final burst of Glam!
Add a pretty jeweled, tasseled and coin adorned hip scarf or belt for a final burst of Glam!

Do it Yourself, Circle Skirt!

Hey there Fellow Crafter's, Do it Yourselfer's and general creative people! I Love feminine clothing. My husband loves me in feminine clothing, and I think Skirts, long pretty circle skirts are easily one of the most feminine items of clothing a woman can wear. Of course all throughout history both sexes wore skirts and gowns, and for good reason. I don't know many men that wear skirts these days, but I know a lot that wear KILTS! same principle, super comfy and I think on the right man even super sexy!

Now then, Long Beautiful Circle Skirts have many common uses in today's wardrobe. A soft light weight  Linen or Rayon skirt will feel and look splendid on those warm spring days. It will help you look lovely and stay cool on the Hot  long Summer days. A velvet or Wool Circle skirt with enough layers of other lighter skirts and leggings will keep you warm  and surrounded in soft luscious folds all fall and winter. You can layer them in differing lengths and colors for a festive or artistic look or you can wear them up over your bosom with a tight waist belt for a pretty on-the-go bathing suit cover or summer dress! Circle Skirts are downright utilitarian!

What better gift to give someone this holiday season than a handmade luscious soft and warm circle skirt? Or make them 3, one out of heavy fabric for the winter months, maybe in a dark rich color for all the holiday festivities (plus they are super comfortable!) One for the up coming spring, maybe in a  thick linen,think about a nice light pastel color for the first rays of spring sun to warm them as they walk to work or school! And one for the hot summer in a light rayon that will move away from their legs and keep air circulating to keep them cool, Maybe in a nice bright color to compliment all the beautiful summer flowers!

Please remember to read all of the instructions before you begin!

To make your very own customized Circle skirt Just like belly and folk dancers wear you'll need to gather these...


~ Measuring tape

~ Fabric (in step # 1  you'll decide how much you'll need!)

~ Sharp Scissors

1 quarter inch width Ribbon (to be used as a drawstring) get a yard worth so you'll have plenty!

~ Matched to fabric thread

~ Sewing Needle (or sewing machine)

~ Safety pin

~ Chalk

~ Straight pins

~ String

Step 1: First things first, in order to see how much fabric yardage you'll need, you'll want to measure from your hip (or from the hip of the person you're making the skirt for) to the floor. Multiply this number by 4. That is the yardage you will require for this Wonderful Circle skirt. Now measure around the largest part of the lower body of the person the skirt is for. Divide this number by 4 .Save this measurement for later!

Step 2: In an area free of clutter, electric eels, cat and dogs you'll want to Lay out all of your materials. Take your fabric and fold it in half. Cut it in half along the fold line. (if you have 6 yards and cut it in half you'll have two 3 yard pieces).

Step 3: Fold both pieces in half and lay them on top of one another with the folds lined up on top of each other. Make sure that the fabric is face side up on both pieces!

Step 4: Remember that largest part of lower body divided by 4 number?  From the corner of the folded side of the fabric  measure a curve starting about 5 inches in from the corner that will be the same number as that "divide by four number. Using the string and the chalk like a compass draw out your curve. The deeper the curve the bigger the hole on the top of your skirt (where your waist/hips go!) Be sure that you're doing this on the right side of your fabric!

Step 5: Lay out your fabric one half at a time. Using your hip to floor measurement, Along the edge not being used for your waist draw a large sweeping curve using your chalk and string like a compass again. Be sure to include as much fabric inside this curve as possible (inside your measurements of course.) This will be your skirt! Repeat this on both pieces of fabric.

Step 6: Now it's time to cut out your skirt! Cut along the lines you've made. You should now have 2 half circles of fabric opposite each other (so that it will make on continuous circle when sewn together!) With a small half circle cut out of the top of both pieces.

Step 7: Now you can begin sewing the straight edges (so that it forms a circle remember) together. sew it on the "wrong side" of the fabric so it looks neat and tidy on the "right side".

Step 8: It's time to put in the casing for your ribbon. This will hold your skirt on you! Along the waistline you want to turn the edge of the fabric about  1 and a half inch and sew it (on the wrong side so it looks pretty when done)

Step 9: Now turn the bottom edge of the skirt in about 1 inch (on the wrong side) and sew all the way around. This is the finished bottom edge of your skirt!

Step 10: Using your scissors, cut 2 very small holes (only big enough to pass a small safety pin) in the side you've decided is the front of your skirt.

Step 11: Attach the safety pin to one side of the ribbon and gently push it through the casing you made for it when you turned the waist edge down. Knot the end you're not pushing through.  When the ribbon is all the way through knot the end of the other side of the ribbon. This way it won't slip out and leave you... hanging?

Step 12: Now put on your circle skirt and run around frolicking like a mad woman, look at all reflective surfaces while wearing it (while at home at least) and tell everyone how awesome it feels on and how you made it all by yourself! Or wrap it up with a big bow and give it to a wonderful person who will treasure it forever!

Tips: You can embellish your skirt by adding some pretty ribbon lengths sewn to the hips or some nice trim around the bottom edge.

For a more festive and unique look, try using different colors of the same fabric on either side of the circle skirt.

Have fun Making!

Lady Make


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    • Ivorwen profile image


      9 years ago from Hither and Yonder

      It has been ages since I have had a circle skit. Thanks for the simple, clear directions.

    • profile image

      DraGoN LaDy 

      9 years ago

      I'll be making this to go with my corset for thw winter formal great hubs hun!

      DraGoN LaDy

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      YAY! I've been looking for a concise circle skirt pattern forever. This will go great with my new lip gloss *wink*


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