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Choosing Do it Yourself Hair extensions

Updated on September 7, 2011
You may imagine that the best hair extensions that will really look like your own hair and will be comfortable to wear and long lasting will have to be fitted professionally.

Hair extensions at Home
Hair extensions can be fitted in a variety of ways and many methods are designed so that you can fit do it yourself hair extensions at home: either yourself for with the help of friends of family. What is important is to choose the right type of do it yourself hair extensions which are easy to use but still look great and of course you should allow yourself plenty of time to add your hair extensions especially the first time you try it.

Learning to use Hair Extensions
It is possible that the first time you use do it yourself hair extensions they may go wrong and either need to be removed or don’t look perfect. It may take a few times to perfect the method but you shouldn’t let this put you off. Being able to add do it yourself hair extensions will save you money and will be much more convenient in future; you may decide to wear them whenever you wish without having to book and wait for an appointment with a stylist, as long as you have your own stock of them. Once you are good at adding do it yourself hair extensions you will probably become quite popular as well with your friends who want you to do theirs as well.

Choice of Hair Extensions
There is a big choice of do it yourself hair extension types, so you will need to choose the type that is best for you. It is true though that those hair extensions that are easier to fit such as clip-ins don’t always look the most natural.

Glue In Hair extensions
A good compromise between ease of use and looks are the type of hair extensions that use glue: they may be tricky to use at first but once you master them they will look just great. The glue attaches directly to the roots of your own hair with a special adhesive designed for this use. The adhesive should be added in small amounts so it is not visible or you can use pre bonded hair extensions with the glue already on so you simply firmly press them against the roots of your hair. The glue dries with a rubber like texture and is designed to last even after being washed once or twice and moisture such as rain won’t stop them from sticking. The important trick with bonded do it yourself hair extensions is to sit the extensions so they go in the same direction as your own hair. Then because there is no clip or other attachment the hair looks like your own and there is no concern that anyone will be able to see that it is a hair extension.

Clip in Hair Extensions
If you want hair extensions that are easy to add you could use clip-in hair extensions but they are difficult to add so they really look good, especially if your own hair is quite thin as you must attach it in such a way that the clip is hidden. The advantages of clip in do it yourself hair extensions are that they are easy to add and take away and reusable. They are ideal for wearing for an evening out or adding bright streaks which you won’t want to wear to work the next day.

Sew in hair extensions
Sewing or tracking in hair extensions is a method where again there is no clip or other method of attachment and the extensions are tracked or sewn directly into the wearer’s own hair. This style of hair extension takes some time and skill to add and it is almost impossible to add your own hair extensions this way: you don’t need any equipment or supplies though that you can’t buy from an online store such as This is a good choice if you want long lasting hair extensions that feel very much like your own hair.

While sewing or tracking requires braids and therefore lumps as does the similar Tree braiding technique, a tressing technique also known as no glue no braids is affective if you can perfect it; though it is sewn in using thread this is very hard to see. This is the best option if you want hair that both looks and feels like natural: hair with no lumps, no clips and no glue and which is long lasting. The technique takes less time than some other options as well, once you are used to doing it the process will take around an hour but it is another technique that you can do at home but not on yourself.

When choosing the best type of do it yourself hair extension for yourself you may need to try a few types, it is best to shop from a online store such as which has a wide range of the best quality hair extensions with a choice of all of the best types and the accessories and other supplies you will need.


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