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Do it Yourself Skin Care and Professional Skin Care

Updated on October 10, 2017

When consumers combine “do it yourself” skin cleansing regimens at home, along with professionally performed skin care treatments at the salon, the skin will be vibrant, glowing, and well balanced. Implementing both of these, different skin care treatments are essential for providing the skin with the care it needs to be healthy from the inside out.

Since many people do cleanse their skin using their own skin cleansers and techniques, these different methods will be discussed first.

Do It Yourself Skin Care

Skin Cleansing- This usually consists of consumers using a foam, a gel or cream cleanser and using water to lather the cleanser and wash the face. Daily cleansing of the skin is important to rid the skin of excess dirt and oils, which can clog pores and cause blackheads.

Exfoliating- Usually an exfoliating treatment is used by consumers when trying to get rid of dull, lifeless skin on the face. Many of these treatments have a gritty texture, which helps to remove excess oils and dead skin on the face. Often skin that lacks luster can be revived instantly with an exfoliation treatment. Exfoliation also helps to reveal smoother skin.

Toner- A toner can be used to help the skin fight against excess oils; however, it is best to use only if the skin is overly oily and prone to breakouts. Another time toner can be used is when leftover makeup remains on the face. A toner helps to gently lift the leftover makeup, which can clog skin pores.

Deep Cleansing Mask- About once a week, people usually implement a deep cleansing mask. A deep cleansing mask helps to remove any impurities within the skin. It also helps to deep clean pores and moisturizes the skin at the same time. It is a bit more invasive than exfoliating because it gets underneath the skin.

Even by implementing all or some of the do it yourself skin care techniques listed above, people may still have problems with their skin. This is why it is of utmost importance to seek the expertise and guidance from a professional esthetician. A professional esthetician can help people with temperamental skin problems.

Professional Skin Care Treatments

Photo facials - Uses light-based technology that helps to boost collagen in the skin. Photofacials are also used to treat different skin problems, such as acne, discoloration, and broken capillaries.

Botox Injections- Otherwise known as botulinum type A, is the bacteria that causes food poisoning. The type of botox that is used in medicine and beauty procedures is the purified form in low dosages. Botox injections paralyze the muscles in the face, which prevent the muscles from contracting. It has been known when muscles contract they cause the wrinkles to stand out more; however, when muscles are inhibited the skin flattens and the wrinkles smooth out. This is what botox injections do.

Chemical Peels- Often referred to as chemexfoliation or derma-peeling consists of placing a chemical solution on the face. This solution then causes the skin to blister and peel off. This procedure leaves the person with rejuvenated skin, with fewer wrinkles and a smoother texture. The skin will be temporarily sensitive to the sun, therefore exposure to the sun is not recommended until the skin heals.

Dermabrasion- Is a beauty procedure that involves a wire brush or diamond wheel that has jagged corners, which helps to remove the uppermost layer of the skin. The fast motion of the brush takes off the top layer of the skin. This process causes the skin to bleed; however as the skin heals, fresh new skin replaces the damaged skin.

There are many different skin care procedures people can do in the privacy of their own home. There are also many professional skin care procedures that can be performed by a licensed esthetician. These help tips improve many skin problems people face on a daily basis. Therefore, combining these two skin care techniques are essential for the overall health and clarity of the skin.


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