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Do it Yourself, Strawberry lip gloss!

Updated on November 8, 2009
a pretty shade of lip gloss!
a pretty shade of lip gloss!
Try adding different color combinations to your lip gloss!
Try adding different color combinations to your lip gloss!
I bet this is a strawberry flavored lip gloss!
I bet this is a strawberry flavored lip gloss!

Do it Yourself, Strawberry Lip Gloss!

Well hello and welcome! While I was putting on my lip gloss earlier today I realized that though I love the smell, flavor and color I get from lip gloss, I just can't stand the prices I have to pay to get a really yummy one. So I thought Why not make my own? Now I have a wonderful new lip gloss AND a wonderful new gift I can give this Holiday season!

So here I am sharing with you dear reader the very simple and very inexpensive and totally Vegan recipe I've come up with to make your very own lip gloss in several scrumptious flavors!

As always please remember to read all the instructions fully before beginning any instructional, there are tips and tricks along the way that will make things much more fun and simple!

For Super Sumptuous Strawberry lip gloss!

So let's start by gathering your...


1 drop red food coloring

1 tablespoon Sweet Almond Oil

5 Fresh Strawberries

1 teaspoon Agave Nectar

2 drops of vitamin E oil (from a non-animal source)

1 Small Pyrex or heat resistant glass bowl

1 Oven mitt

1 Plastic spoon

1 piece fine cheesecloth or fine net strainer

1 small lip gloss tin or cleaned out Carmex container

1 Small glass or plastic bowl for straining into

Step 1 Place the Almond oil, Strawberries, Agave Nectar and Vit-E oil all into your small Pyrex or glass mixing bowl.

Step 2 Heat in the microwave, (or in a double boiler on the stove) until boiling

Step 3 Carefully remove the mixing bowl from heat (or microwave) using your oven mitt.

Step 4 Oven mitt still on (this bowl will still be HOT) hold the bowl with one hand and with the other use your Plastic spoon to stir your ingredients and crush the berries.

Step 5 Let cool 5 minutes.

Step 6 Place the cheese cloth or fine net strainer over the glass straining bowl and gently strain all the berry bits from your lip gloss (still in liquid form).

Step 7 Stir in the 1 drop of red food coloring and set aside to cool completely (about 30 minutes).

Step 8 Now you can spoon your New Homemade lip gloss right into the tin or other container you want it to reside in!

You can also try other fruit and color combinations to get wonderful new flavors, colors and scents for your lip gloss! Try Substituting Blueberries and blue food coloring! Or Green apples and green food coloring! So many colors and flavors to choose from!

Have fun making!

Yours truly,

Lady Make


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    • profile image

      Swag 2 years ago

      Cool. Can't wait to try it

    • profile image

      sweetlips 8 years ago

      Just wonderful! I love lip gloss! I cant wait to make some of this!