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Does LED Light Therapy Really Work?

Updated on October 27, 2017

Kim Kardashian Swears By LED Light Therapy and So Do I

Kim Kardashian uses an LED light therapy device that costs roughly $750. I have found the perfect handheld device you can use at home for only $70 and it actually works! Before we get to that, let's discuss LED light therapy further.

LED light therapy has been popular long before it has been Instagrammed by the Kardashians. In my personal experience, every time I got a facial (which was frequent) an LED light therapy device was always used during the treatment. The great news is there are several handheld devices that you can now use in the privacy of your own home. A typical facial treatment that uses LED light therapy can cost anywhere from $150-$200. You won't see results unless you received this type of facial on a regular basis. That can end up costing thousands of dollars per year just for your face.

LED light therapy is a proven technology that was studied by NASA when they were looking for ways to improve healing in space. Red-light therapy stimulates adenosine triphosphate which supplies energy cells. These cells are needed to produce elastin and collagen. It also helps kill acne bacteria and reduce inflammation, rosacea, broken capillaries and sun spots. The result is you are left with firmer, smoother skin with diminished wrinkles and non-existent pores.

On top of the $750 light Kim Kardashian uses, she also uses the handheld Baby Quasar for her psoriasis. Red light therapy can be used on wounds safely as they say it can heal the wound 200 times faster. The Baby Quasar costs $250 and I wasn't willing to spend that much for my first go-around.

I Will Never Buy a Product Just Because a Celebrity Endorses It

When a celebrity endorses a product my first thought is "snore, they're just getting paid. Just like we are all supposed to believe Beyonce colors her hair out of a box." However, if it sparks my attention I will research it. This topic I didn't have to research because I already had experience with it since I was 20. I did do my research on getting the most bang for your buck because I refuse to pay $750. I found several that were compared to the Baby Quasar and were $450. I found a few others that had horrible reviews that were $375. Then I found one that had excellent reviews, a good reputation and was only $69.99. I looked on Ebay first, but the cheapest one I found was on Amazon. So I figured I had to give it a shot. It came in this pretty satin box as shown above, with the handheld device that is super lightweight. It also came with goggles to protect your eyes that are so much more comfortable then the plastic ones they give you at the tanning salons. These goggles are rubber with an adjustable band to fit your head perfectly.

Not a very flattering picture but it is me using the Norlanya Red Light Photon Therapy Machine nonetheless. It was a Friday night and I just laid back on my recliner and relaxed. I know it looks like a raging ball of fire on your face but trust me it's not. The great thing about this product is, it only turns on when you touch it directly to your face. So there is no chance of the red flash hitting right at your eye when you bring the device towards your face. There is no heat or hot feeling, you can't feel it at all. The general rule is to use it at six different points on your face but you can do whatever you want. You only need to hold the Norlanya device at each area for 1-2 minutes (piece of cake).

For me, I like to start at holding it right against the middle of my forehead for two minutes, then I move to the side of my forehead and then the other side of my forehead each for two minutes. Then I will do each cheekbone keeping it close to my nasolabial folds and then the sides of my face closer to my hairline. Lastly you can do your chin if you wish but I like to end it with the front of my neck. For me, the whole procedure lasted 12 minutes.

They say you may not see results until 6-8 weeks but people are seeing results after only two. With continued use your results will only get better. It is recommended to take 10-12 minutes out of your day for the first two weeks 5 times per week. In short, I've been using this for three weeks now and I absolutely am happy with my purchase. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars towards a regular esthetician, I'm able to get the same job done just without the massage. It's made me rethink what I put in my body as far as food, and I consistently exfoliate and apply masques regularly on my own. Why waste money even if it's only $70 if you're going to put toxins in your system that will show up on your face, defeating the purpose of this awesome technology.

Once you charge the device, you cannot turn it on until you remove it from the plug. Cleanse your face with your normal face wash (do not put moisturizer on) you want it to pulsate your fresh skin. After your 10-12 minutes, go ahead and put on your serum and regular moisturizer as usual. You can use a cotton swab with a small amount of rubbing alcohol to clean the screen after each use. I just finished my treatment about an hour ago and I can still feel circulation going on underneath my skin.

Baby Quasar Plus Skincare Therapy


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