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Does Sex sell the Product?

Updated on March 27, 2013

How often do you see an advert on television, a billboard by the roadside or an image in a magazine which shows an attractive male or female pouting or draped over a salable item. In the film flight club starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton the main character is on a bus and sees a male model posing in briefs on a poster and asks " Is that what a man looks like? ".The reply is a smirk inferring that no that is a media image of masculinity.

Only a small portion of the planet fits the ideal of the perfect face and body in the media's eyes, so if you can find the "FACE" to endorse your product you are telling the world if you buy this, then you will be just like the Model/Sports person or actor who advertises it.

The media image of true beauty.
The media image of true beauty.

In my own mind, I think I know what constitutes a real man, a real man is a man who goes out to provide for his dependant's in whatever way he can. It is an extension of the hunter-gatherer role from pre-history, and in my eyes this is what a real man has to do ( No intended sexism here ladies). Is a real man someone who squeezes into their designer label underwear and allows themselves to be manipulated by a photographer into some notion of form and beauty. I am sorry but a real man would not be airbrushed, chiseled and pix-elated by a guy on photo-shop!

I believe the media ideals of perfection, beauty, desirability, femininity and masculinity are not what we as people of this world should be adhering to. Realistically not everyone is going to fit into the media labels, and where does that leave the rejects? Do we buy the advertised product and therefore buy acceptance by the other elites. Will buying the perfume, eating the breakfast cereal, wearing this seasons shade and drinking the right wine make you a better and fuller individual? of course not, but what are the alternatives.

I believe that the media do have a responsibility to stop the spread of physical and mental conditions that in part stem from their advertisements. How must sufferers of body dysmorphia, anorexia, bulimia, and other related problems feel when they are bombarded with negative reinforcement by the media.

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Buy the car get the girl

I really don't like the thought that if you can afford the top of the range model of car, you automatically receive a supermodel girlfriend. Seriously its cliched that supermodels will be falling over themselves to be with you just because you own the perfect car. No matter what car you drive should have no effect on your desirability to the opposite sex. And ultimately would you want be associated with a partner who is only with you due to the things you can purchase rather than the person you are.


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    • CMHypno profile image

      CMHypno 7 years ago from Other Side of the Sun

      It seems to me that it a fairly good rule of thumb that the nicer the car the uglier the man that gets out of it is (with a few notable exceptions like George Clooney!!) We now seem to be a society that is drowning in debt because we have been sold on the idea that owning these things or looking a certain is going to make us constantly happy. Question: have you ever seen Victoria Beckham look happy??? Interesting Hub.