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Does The Color Of Your Hair Define Who You Are? Hair Colour Stereotypes And Your Personality

Updated on November 23, 2011

Are you a dizzy blonde, a sexy brunette, a feisty red head? Does the colour of your hair really have an effect on your personality? That's what I want to look at in this article. Should a woman be categorized or defined simply by glancing at her hair colour. Well there are certain personality traits that do seem to hold true and match a persons hair colour. But now the majority of women tend to dye their hair in all different colours and shades so it may be hard to tell.

When I was younger I used to have white blonde hair, I loved it, I pretended to be Rapunzel and let my blonde locks flow, but as I got older my hair got darker and turned into an mousey blonde shade – dull and boring in my eyes. So I've dyed it blonde, had highlights, gone light ash brown, had streaks of pink and purple, and now I'm a dark brunette. So how would you assume my personality to be? Lets have a look at the stereo typical view of the different hair colours and see what we find.

Blonde – Hair Colour To Match Your Personality.

For many years blonde hair has been categorised as the favourite hair colour for women to have by men, but in my experience men these days tend to prefer brunettes, sorry blondes! It's a sexy, cute, fresh and flirty colour, and lets face it you can wear any colour of clothes and get away with it. On the whole though, blondes tend to have a negative description held against them, 'dumb blonde', 'dizzy blonde' and a flirt to name a few. They are said to use their looks rather than their brain. But they are said to have more fun, so it can't all be bad! Would you like a blonde joke?

How do you keep a blonde busy? Give her a piece of paper with please turn over written on both sides!

Brunette - Hair Colour To Match Your Personality

The intelligent breed, brunette's are stereo typed as being reliable, dependable, even tempered and the most intelligent. However there hasn't been any studies that can prove that this is true, yet when you ask your friends or people in general who are the cleverest, brunettes tend to be the most common answer. Many men find sexy brunettes desirable, in fact recent studies have shown that now men find brunettes more attractive than blondes but everyone has their own preferences. People with brown hair are definitely the lucky ones when it comes to stereo typing hair colour and personality’s, there isn't much bad about them to be said. Would you like a brunette joke?

A brunette finds a genie lamp, so she rubs it and out pops the genie. “You may have 3 wishes” the genie says “but whatever you wish for every blonde will get twice as much”. So the brunette thinks for a while and says “ I wish for a beautiful house” she gets it but every blonde women gets two. “I wish for a beautiful and generous man” she gets it but every blonde gets two. The genie tells her that this is her final wish, so the brunette says “ Genie, you see that stick over there, I wish you'd beat me half to death with it!”

Red – Hair Colour To Match Your Personality.

The feisty, ferocious, short tempered red head. For some reason ginger is a term people don't like to use so it red head or Auburn. People with red hair tend to have pale skin and freckles which is all linked in with the stereo type. This is actually the least favourite hair colour and has quite a negative influence on people. But personally I love the deep red hair colour, who wouldn't want to look like Jessica rabbit! No studies have shown that it's true that red heads have a shorter temper fuse than brunettes or blondes, maybe people just notice their mood swings more because they are looking for it.

Okay, you want a red head joke?

What do you call a red head with an attitude problem? Normal!

Do Hair Colour Stereotypes Match Personalities?

Well as I said I'm naturally blonde, and I admit sometimes I am a little bit dipsy, I forget what I did a second ago and sometimes I'm away with the fairies, but I think I'm rather intelligent and I'm definitely not a bimbo! My boyfriend and a lot of my male friends also say that they prfer my hair now that it's brown so maybe the brunette being more attractive has some truth in it. Now I have brown hair and my friend describes me as a malteser – brown on the outside but blonde on the inside. People do judge you by your hair colour, but scientifically there is little or no correspondence to say that your personality and hair colour are linked. My theory is that by chance or by choice people do tend to adopt these stereotypes and live up to the expectations of them. A blonde may be dizzy, a brunette may be stable and a red head may be feisty, but there is more to a person than the colour of their hair!


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