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Does chemicaly dying your hair cause hairloss

Updated on March 5, 2013
Hair loss
Hair loss

Using chemical dyes

Hair coloring is common. Many woman and even some men color their hair regularly. A common question is whether or not this will cause hair loss. I color my hair all the time I go from blonde to black and even some crazy colors here and there. Since this is a newer endeavor of mine I became curious too. How much damage does this really cause? I have heard all kinds of crazy horror stories where someone colors there hair and the next day they go to brush it and huge clumps start to fall out. So I wanted to get down to the bottom of this before I continue to do this on a regular basis. I now feel much better about coloring my hair now that I know how to prevent one of those stories from happening to me. I hope this information helps you out as well.

Oh no!
Oh no!

The bad news

Yes using chemical dyes on your hair can cause hair loss. The chemicals can be to harsh on your hair and cause it to snap and break. Luckily this is just damage to the hair itself and not your scalp. The scalp has more to do with new growth than the hair that has already grown out. The type of hair dye you use makes a difference as well. Some brands of hair dye are more harsh than others. The chemicals used to bleach hair can be even more damaging to your hair than hair dye so be careful not to over process your hair when bleaching. If the dye or bleach burns your scalp this is likely to cause temporary hair loss. When this happens you just need to treat the chemical burns and let it heal. If you do get chemical burns do not color your hair again until your scalp is healed and your hair is healthy. Chemical burns can cause permanent damage to the scalp. This may result in long term hair loss or thinning hair. This can be prevented by trying test strands before dying and bleaching all of your hair. Try testing a small area of hair on the back of your neck or behind the ear to be sure that the dye or bleach is safe.


The good news

This type of hair loss is TEMPORARY. This is not permanent. If your hair becomes severely damaged and starts snapping and breaking it will grow back. This is because the hair itself is damaged. When your hair is damaged and dies new healthy hair can grow back it just takes some time. The area right underneath your scalp where the hair starts to grow is not damaged and this is the area that controls new hair growth. If you have chemical burns then it might be permanent and you should consult your doctor and or stylist.


What to watch out for

Taking care of your hair is important. There are some easy tips that will keep your hair healthy even when you are coloring it. Some tips are listed bellow.

  • Only color your hair three shades darker or lighter than your natural color
  • Wait at least three months between coloring
  • Consult you stylist to make sure your hair is healthy enough to dye
  • Take care of your damaged hair with by putting back the nutrients that coloring your hair takes out
  • For at home kits always follow the instructions and use test strands

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