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Does clothing define you?

Updated on May 16, 2017

Does Clothing define you?

There are limitless styles of clothing in the world. Everyone has their own style. Nobody's style is the same as anyone else because we are all unique. There are so many limitless styles of clothing out there on what seems to be a monthly basis. But as clothing and styles change does it define you as a person? People might change up their looks by because the styles change, but does that change them personally? Most of the time it doesn’t, but some people think that clothing defines them for example if they don't have the best stuff people won't like them. So they think that clothing defines their likeability. The question “Does clothing define you”? depends on who you ask. Some people will say that it does and others will say that it doesn’t.

With all the different types of clothing and different types of people, all the answers will be different. Some people think that if they don’t have the right clothing then, they aren’t the right person. For example, if you don’t have the newest piece of clothing or the best name brand stuff out there then you aren’t good enough. But those are the people that let everything else, make them who they are rather than trying to figure it out themselves using their personality.

Some people think that the clothing that they wear makes them who they are. Not everyone believes that, though. I don’t think that clothing defines me, I don’t really care what I wear as long as it comfortable. Some people want to look really good so they get the expensive clothing to make themselves look better, but does that really matter? I think that if you have to have some specific clothing to show people who you are then you are not comfortable in your own skin. When people aren’t comfortable in their own skin they use other things like clothing to make them feel better. Clothing should not define, who a person is because clothing can’t form a personality. Not that people don’t try to have clothing be your personality, because they do, but that is not what clothing is for.

Some people feel complete with the type of clothing they wear, and others don’t care. The people that care, are most likely the people that have been given everything. People that want the best of everything because if they don’t have the best of everything then they aren’t good enough and they think that people can see that. Although clothing should not define anyone, I have said that before.

Does clothing define me? You are probably wondering, No clothing does not define me. The reason why is because I don’t care, as long as I look okay and am comfortable I don’t mind. Most of the time when people think that clothing defines them, they are not worried about the clothing itself but what people think of them in the clothing. So yes people might think that clothing can define them but they are also thinking of what others are going to think of them seeing them in the clothing that they are wearing. That is the entire point. Or at least that is what people think.

Clothing shouldn’t be able to define a person but with everything that goes on in the media for people to look a certain way and wear the right clothing that is how clothing defines a person. That is what some people think at least, and others think if you can decide what clothing defines me then where is my choice in the matter? It all depends on what the person thinks if they want to be in the popular crowd and look like everyone else, or if they want to be their own person. If someone wants to be their own person then they don’t let clothing define them, because they don’t care what other people or the media think, which a good thing is but not everyone is like that. So yes clothing defines some people and not others, do you think that clothing defines you? Why do you think that clothing defines, you? I think the reason people think that clothing defines them, is because they want to be like everyone else, and not be an outsider so if they look like everyone else, they are okay, right? People have to remember that everyone is their own person so they shouldn’t let clothing define them because clothing is not all of you.

Does Clothing define you?

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Clothing is it something that makes you, you?

Clothing isn't just what you wear it is what is inside that counts. That is what people have to remember. If Clothing defines you, you are letting it dedicate how you live your life and a piece of fabric really shouldn’t have that much power over you, so why would you want to let it. Some people see it as a sense of power, though letting the clothes they wear define them, they think that if they wear a specific brand name or style then they are a better person. As I said before the people that let clothing define them are the people that aren’t comfortable in their own skin and everyone should be comfortable in their own skin.

Clothing is limitless but it should not define you, the way you wear and act in the clothes that you wear should be what defines you. When people let clothing define them they want people to look at them for what they wear and not who they are. Letting limitless amounts of clothes define who you are, means that you really don't know who you are yourself. When you don't know who you are, yourself, you don't know the limitless things you are capable of. So don't let clothing define you, and figure out who you are first so that you realize your worth and work for whatever you want to work for limitlessly.

Clothing is supposed to make you feel limitlessly unique and give you a sense that you are ready to take on the world It is not meant to define you are going to be, nothing should be able to do that but you, especially not a piece of fabric. So clothing does not define you unless you truly want to let it, do that but I am sure that most of us don't want clothing to define us, because we don't want to be known for the clothes we wear, we want to be known for what we accomplish and show the world in a limitless way.

Clothing is supposed to be a confidence builder, or at least that is what I think it is supposed to be. Depending on the outfit at least. It isn't clothing that defines you even though that is what some people might think it is the way you act in the clothing that you wear that defines you, as a person. So the next time you try on an outfit and think to yourself, does this outfit define who I am? think again, clothing can't define you but your actions can so if you act differently wearing a certain outfit then you could say that your clothing can define you when really it can't. Clothing is just limitless fabric it is us as people that define ourselves by doing whatever it is that we do don't you agree?

Our actions define us, not the clothing that we have on our backs. We all have to remember that when putting on our clothing and going out into the world.

Don't let Clothes define you
Don't let Clothes define you

Clothes, clothes and more clothes do they mean anything for your person?

Clothes are something to wear, there are different types of clothing that some might like. Some might like different styles of clothing since there are limitless styles when it comes to clothes. However, does that mean clothing is supposed to define a person? No, it just means they like a certain type of clothing there is no definition necessary when a person puts on clothes and wears them.

Does clothing define you let's discuss

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    • louise-barraco profile image

      Louise Barraco 2 years ago from Ontario


    • Michaela Osiecki profile image

      Michaela 2 years ago from USA

      I don't feel like my style defines me, but I do believe that it expresses much about who I am as a person. And my style is constantly changing because I'm always evolving and finding interest in different looks and aesthetics based on how they relate to m personality.