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Does cutting hair make it grow faster?

Updated on June 29, 2013

Myth about cutting hair and its growth

Great hairdressing scissors and renowned hairstylists are always in demand! Some people are so conscious of their looks, especially hair that they just can't stop themselves from visiting a salon.

I have seen people visit a hairstylist every two weeks. It’s difficult to say what attracts them to a hair salon - the (snip, snip) sound of hairdressing scissors or the relaxing atmosphere of salon!

Cutting hair has no influence on its rate of growth

One of the oldest myths surrounding hair is - 'cutting your hair will make it grow faster.' Many people believe in this myth but I feel this is totally untrue. Hence I have decided to settle this once and for all!

The actual truth is - Your hair will not physically grow any faster, thicker or stronger if you cut it more frequently. No matter what type of hairdressing scissors you use, excessive cutting will never make it grow faster.

Basically, when you cut hair, your locks look healthier since cutting hair eliminates split and gnarled ends. Every time you cut hair, you will begin from the ends and what you do to the ends simply doesn't affect the roots!

To put this more simply, hair grows from the roots and hairstylists cut hair from the ends. Got the point? Roots and ends of hair are two different things that are serving two different purposes. So acting on one will never have any effect on the other one.

On an average, hair grows at a rate of about a half-inch per month, so experts recommend regular cuts about every four to six weeks. That is the ideal time to groom your style.

However, you must remember to use good quality hairdressing scissors. If you see your hairstylist using cheap hair shears, it’s your duty to point it out and make them use good quality tools.

For healthy hair, visit your hairstylist regularly


Cutting your hair regularly will not make it grow faster. Yes, it will prevent further damage and possibility of split ends but cutting hair has no influence on its rate of growth.

I hope, by now you must have realized how useless most hair myths are! So, do not fall prey to such stupid myths if you really care for your beautiful hair. Instead, you better get tips on healthy hair from best hairstylists around the world by watching ScissorBoy TV. This online cosmetology education program provides answers to all your hair care needs and also educates you with the right information about healthy hair.


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    • mariasial profile image

      maria sial 4 years ago from united kingdom

      I agree with you and i use to give same reason to other as well " hair grows from the roots and hairstylists cut hair from the ends" its so simple :)