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My Experience With Dollar Shave Club.

Updated on April 8, 2016

Why I Chose Dollar Shave Club.

We've all seen the commercials and been curious as to if Dollar Shave Club (DSC) was actually going to be much easier and cheaper than buying those expensive in-store razors. Well I found out for myself just how great this company truly was. Before turning to DSC I was always a fan of Gillette and their Pro Glide razors, but of course I wasn't a fan of paying almost 30 dollars for a handle and 4 razor heads. Since I don't have to shave every day (and usually am too lazy to) I thought that was my best choice since I wouldn't have to pay every month. I couldn't have been more wrong.

So one afternoon I was goofing around on Facebook when I see this post about DSC. I read it and am just blown away by what I am reading. Marine Joshua Melton reached out to DSC to make a bulk purchase of razors for a unit stationed in Afghanistan that are on a FOB that's losing its PX/BX store. He was then told they would not let him buy them, because they wanted to donate it. Just knowing how much that meant to those troops, and how smart of a business decision that is, is just awesome to think about.

DSC's donation included:

  • 73 4-pack razors
  • Handles and Shave butter
  • 60 Extra Shave Butters
  • 160 individual body wipes
  • plus a hand written note from CEO to the troops.

After the donation went viral, they had received so many requests for donations to our troops that they had decided to partner up with the USO. They had this to say about the partnership:

"Today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with The USO to donate DSC razors and grooming supplies to the thousands deployed around the world. To the brave men and women in uniform, we thank you for your service and hope you enjoy your shave."

DSC Donation to Troops in Afghanistan

What others are saying about DSC.

From Facebook to Twitter social media is blowing up about DSC. Check out some of these reviews and tweets from they're members.

Seth Garbarsky: "Dollar Shave Club is the best thing that's happened to me. Great product!!!"

Adam Shames: Yes, @DollarShaveClub is the greatest thing to happen to mankind. Closest shave ever.

Michael Tanji: Best club that I've ever joined. Great service with quality products.

Jake Hukee: I shaved this morning for the first in 3 months. Oh damn, @DollarShaveClub I feel so smooth, lush, handsome and above average height.

Fred Rock: Be ready for a life changing start to every day when you use, or rather, enjoy this razor. Every stroke is like an elegant angel caressing your face gently. Razor burn, from razors scorn, jealous of your new friend. Let the razor bleed your troubles, don't bleed from troubling razors. Enjoy the Executive, the mans razor, the only razor for you.

Clinton Ohlinger: Signing up for @DollarShaveClub is one of the smartest things I've done. Great money saver & great blades.

Caitlin Lawless: Best. Purchase. Ever. ...couldn't be happier.

Nick Alvers: Dear @DollarShaveClub since using your razor, I have climbed Mt. Everest using only a jet ski. It wasn’t possible without your product.

What Razor I Chose.

I personally get the executive razor monthly for only 9 dollars a month. I have to say, with its 6 blade head and defining blade on the reverse side, it has to be the smoothest and most comfortable razor I have ever used. Also if you chose to purchase the 6 dollar or 9 dollar razors, they cover the shipping costs. I highly recommend the executive razor for the price, and I also recommend the post shave butter for anyone with dry, irritated skin especially right after shaving. The best thing about your membership is that they allow you to cancel at anytime. So as I said before if you don't shave everyday (too lazy to) then you can stock on a couple months worth of razor heads and you should be set.

Executive Razor Handle Plus 4 Razor Heads.

Check out This Awesome Review of DSC.

Competitors Price Comparison

Brand Name
Type: 4-Pack of Razors
Fusion Manual
Dollar Shave Club
Quattro Titanium
Hybrid Advance
As you can see, Dollar Shave Club really has an edge up on the competition. Even purchasing they're most expensive executive razor can save you big buck.

Let me know what you think

Is Dollar Shave Club something you'd be interested in giving a chance? If you are already a member let me know what you think.

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© 2016 Matthew Lee


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