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Don't Be Afraid To Grow Your Lovely Dreadlocks

Updated on July 22, 2014

Dreadlocks are increasingly popular and largley acceptable in today's world. It goes well with almost every hair type and length. You will find that most style conscious men and women do want to know how to begin their dreadlocks. journey. Unfortunately, for most people, particularly women of all ages, are worried or timid about taking the big step towards growing their natural dreadlocks, They are afraid to make that move.There are approximately more than seven common methods that are used today to start your lovely dreadlocks such as palm roll, inter-locking, sisterlocks, brother locks, free form, back combing, by adding extensions to your hair, and a few more techniques that are not so frequently used.

Generally, the results of not combing your hair for a couple of months are free forming dreadlocks, which is a huge part of the African culture. With or without dreadlocks, kinky or curly hair is considered to be the very best hair type for styling into dreads. If your hair can mat together or lock very easily, then you have a great advantage in getting the best result or formation of your dreads. You'll also find it to be such a relief in not having to use a lot of hair products for the creation and the maintenance of your dreadlocks. If you do have kinky or curly hair, you are not only the best candidate for this hairstyle but you should not be intimidated or afraid to try it.

Dreadlocks can look shorter in the early stages, so don't fret this is certainly normal due to the small curl pattern. After a while the dreadlocks will compress and make a tighter lock causing your hair to generally be smaller in size rather than a good width, nonetheless, don't be concern about it. Well kept dreadlocks can withstand early damage to the hair due to lack of moisture, so it's important to consistently hydrate your hair with natural oils from the beginning. Nowadays, the recognition of dreadlocks is booming not only for Blacks, but also for quite a few people of other races, culture and ethnic backgrounds.

For most Blacks, dreadlocks are a representation of self-importance and ethnical identity. Dreadlocks date back to ancient Egypt, as well as other regions in Africa, and then to Celtic and Germanic tribes later on. Its roots also come from a very powerful movement widely known and accepted as Rastafarianism. This group has only been around since the 1930s, but its influences are widely seen with people having dreadlocks all around the world. Rastafarianism is a pan-African faith based and spiritual movement and the dreadlocks or the matting formation of the hair is cultural and defines their identity.

Having dreadlocks can certainly be an enjoyable process. You can find effective social networks and forums filled with well suited people sharing their experience in having dreadlocks. However, you will need a great deal of endurance, determination, time and energy to allow your locks to go through each developmental stage of growth until it's fully matured. There is certainly a selected type of texture and hair span that is necessary to make this happen. Keep in mind that the hair undergoes quite a few changes when forming dreadlocks. Maintaining your locks does not require a lot of time but it does requires courage and persistence. For that reason, you should think about each and every aspect of starting your dreadlocks, prior to making the big decision to lock your hair. Nowadays, it is trendy to color and style your lovely dreadlocks in ways that are unique to you. There are even ornaments or dreadlocks jewelry to decorate your locks. Be calm, be patient and enjoy your dreadlocks journey, you will love it.

---By Heather Farquharson

For more information about dreadlocks: CLICK HERE


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