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Don’t Make Stretch Marks Part of Your Weight Loss Regimen

Updated on March 18, 2015

Stretch marks are not only an aesthetic skin problem: they are a sign of bad times to come. No, I’m not overestimating the effects of these scars, but they experiencing them may lead to numerous psychological and emotional health problems. Though this skin condition mainly happens during pregnancy, these have the tendency to appear during puberty, bodybuilding and weight loss.

Yes, depression isn't far off.
Yes, depression isn't far off. | Source

Beneficiaries of weight loss programs say that one of the downsides of undergoing them is gaining stretch marks. Well hey, what’s the use of your bikini-fit body if your torso is full of stretch marks? It’s only a few months until summer, so you should definitely look for solutions. Overall, it can lead to self-esteem problems which will direly affect the way you live in the long run.

So, how can you reduce or eliminate their appearance? Here are some lifestyle and weight loss tips:

Limit It to Two Pounds Per Week

or .907 kg
or .907 kg | Source

The main reason why you should start losing weight this early is simply because losing too much at such a short period of time is severely unhealthy. Why? Well, rapid weight loss takes gargantuan effort in both dieting and exercise: you would not be able to maintain these for a long period of time.

Though two pounds a week may seem to be pretty slow to you, it is the recommended standard. Losing more will strain your skin, resulting into the loss of collagen fibers in your skin which in turn causes stretch marks. Be sure to start early and lose the weight gradually.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Always make it part of your main course meal.
Always make it part of your main course meal. | Source

We’ve heard of people trying to get rid of “water weight” by avoiding drinking it altogether. There are also circulating stories of people gaining weight just by drinking water, which is amusing considering that pure water has zero calories.

In weight loss, water plays a vital role which: keeping the skin hydrated AND preventing stretch marks. Drinking water means hydrating the skin, keeping it soft, supple and elastic, making it less likely to form stretch marks.

Lean, mean protein-rich food!
Lean, mean protein-rich food! | Source

Eating protein-rich food does not only help in preventing stretch marks, but it also plays a vital role in weight loss. This nutrient has had a bad reputation due to numerous misconceptions. For example, a slab of beef and a slice of chicken are seen as things that can make you fat in a hurry. Actually, they’re only fattening if deep-fried. The science behind protein’s weight loss benefits is that it takes a whole lot of effort for the body to process them, thus burning more calories.

Protein, along with zinc and vitamins C and E, help in the production of collagen, a type of protein which is our body’s connective tissue and helps prevent stretch marks. Remember ladies and lads, don’t steer clear of the meat on the dinner table!

Don’t Stress Out

Aside from stretch marks, it could make you go bald.
Aside from stretch marks, it could make you go bald. | Source

Life is too short to experience stress, which interferes with the body’s ability to produce collagen, thus making it a primary stretch mark aggravator. Whether if it’s caused by your workload, homework or other personal problems, you need to be able to release stress effectively and face your problems with a POSITIVE mindset. The question is, how? Well, here are a few suggestions:

  • First off, don’t resort to stress eating. If you gorge on fast food and potato chips while being under the blues, find other ways to release it, like hitting the gym, taking a long bath or by reading a good book.

  • Sleep it off. In a spiritual sense, sleeping is like a reset button for your emotions. If you’re ticked off or sad about an event in your life, sleep on it. You will have a positive outlook by the time you wake up and will have a clearer view on things.

  • Reach out into the world. The best way to get rid of stress is to think clearly and meditate. In this case, it’s best to wear your hoodie, take your dog by the leash and explore the neighborhood. Seeing the world in your currently stressed and dim view will definitely create and spark and allow you to appreciate the little things around you.

Remember, stress is nothing but a liability. Entertain it and it will only put you down.

Overall, preventing stretch marks while losing weight isn’t that difficult: just keep a positive outlook and don’t forget the above mentioned tips.

Once they appear, they do not diminish though you can make them less visible through various creams, lotions and other cosmetics, including body wraps.


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