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Don’t Suffer for Fashion: Ladies! 5 Points to Consider when Buying Shoes

Updated on August 30, 2013

There are so very many ways that we as women suffer for fashion. Hands up if you have nursed an aching blister after a night of dancing in sexy stilettos, been strangled by jeggings or hidden brittle nails stylishly overextended sleeves as you headed into a meeting on a Monday morning.

The reasons behind why suffering for fashion seems to be a norm will perhaps always be an enigma. But there is a very clear trail we can see, leading back to the Victorian era, where women were often seen swooning dramatically to the side, fainting through a sheer lack of oxygen from wearing waist asphyxiating, bone and lung crushing corsets.

Fast forward to present day... and you would think that we all understand that there are certain fashion danger lines we simply shouldn’t be crossing. Yet we still hear the seductive call of a number of fashion temptations. In fact, ask any lady and I am sure you will hear that the number one cause for complaint when suffering for fashion is SHOES.

Say what you like, but the type of shoes we wear has a very real impact on how we feel. After all, the saying ‘always put your best foot forward’ was invented for a reason.

No topic is safe- The ‘Philosoraptor ‘strikes on shoes’
No topic is safe- The ‘Philosoraptor ‘strikes on shoes’

Most of us need no reminder of the invigorating feeling of buying and wearing a new pair of shoes. And if we don’t remember for ourselves there are any number of quotes and popular memes to refresh our memories.

Ladies, let’s face it, we treat ourselves to a new pair to mark a turning point in our lives, to add a little bit of oomph and sparkle to our days.

Yet, somehow even though we may have the best intentions, we find ourselves falling short in the shoe shopping department. With heels we can barely balance in or others that are so flat we risk having our feet permanently shaped that way, as well as aching bunions, we really have run the gamut of shoe ills. While we all don’t want to run to extremes (too high or too low) there are any number of health safety faux pas we commit when it comes to shoe shopping that we would really rather avoid. Let’s run through 6 points you need to consider when buying shoes.

1. Know the Value of your Legs

You may not be entirely set on the exact shape and size of those two appendages, which seem to dangle somewhat comically from the end of your body. However, rest assured that your legs serve a very important and functional role in your life.

It sounds obvious, but many take for granted the power of crouching, squatting, standing, kicking out and just being able to move from A to B in our everyday lives.

Be that as it may, it is completely understandable that at times we feel conflicted between stylish, impractical shoes and the more practical options. But, truth be told, a life without heels sounds a little dismal, so by no means should you consider a life without them. After all, while every woman wants to rock her best shoes and power walk through life, it does help to know the facts and understand the consequences, especially about wearing heels, to help you make an informed choice when buying shoes and deciding which pair to wear next.

Knowledge is power! Take a closer look at this infographic to see the impact of high heeled shoes on legs.
Knowledge is power! Take a closer look at this infographic to see the impact of high heeled shoes on legs.

2. Choose Wisely

While all our shoe choices won’t necessarily be a hundred percent practical, we can still make decisions based on our everyday lives.

Assess your lifestyle – are you the type of person running around in your day to day work life? Or are you comfortably seated at a desk all day and able to afford the luxury of wearing a pair of heels as you ‘strut your stuff’ from one end of the office to the next? At the end of the day, do your shoes match your lifestyle?

It may sound pretty obvious, but you really do need to try on shoes before you commit to buying them.
It may sound pretty obvious, but you really do need to try on shoes before you commit to buying them.

Equally, the shoes that cater to everyday use need not suffer style wise. We can still step out in style by focusing on accentuating different features of shoes instead of height and heels.

Think –


Go for brightly colored hues. A working wardrobe of neutrals will benefit from a pop of color, whether in handbags, accessories or shoes.


Bows, beads, lace, buckles, fringing and straps. By choosing shoes with a little embellishment, you can add an element of interest to your entire ensemble without compromising comfort.

Details –

Carved and whittled wedge heels, impressions, distressed, prints, different skins and textures. Put on some dynamic shoes!

3. Experience the Range

What would probably be the wisest is to have a range of shoes in different levels and heights so your feet experience a full range of movement instead of being stuck in one specific shape and height and having your feet become molded and shaped that way.


KNOW YOUR SHOES! Understand the different types of foot trauma that can occur from wearing the different shoe types and work your way around this accordingly.

4. Navigate the Extremes

Now that you have a range of different types of shoes, try not to go from one extreme to the next. If you are wearing a pair of sky scrapers today, you really don’t want to shock your system by transitioning to a pair of flats tomorrow.

There are other obvious benefits from not wearing the same pair of shoes every single day. Changing shoes helps you avoid bad foot odor, bacteria and nasty foot fungus, which grow and thrive in moist environments.

5. Be Prepared

There is that old saying that ‘prevention is better than cure’ – and in no way shape or form is that truer than when it comes to wearing shoes.

This may sound like over-preparation, but rather be safe than sorry when making the attempt to put your best foot forward. You may have to break in a new pair of shoes before you wear them, but there are some really handy items to have in your home and on the go for any type of feet, shoe and fashion emergency.

Foot spa components - If you are doing it on the hop, having a container with fragrant foot bath salts to immerse in warm water to soften and revitalize your feet is an amazing time saver. If you have the luxury of time then you can equally make your own DIY foot spa.

Gel cushions- When you absolutely need to have your night about town and running around in skyscrapers and heels is a must, you can still do so with a certain degree of comfort for shorter periods of time, by inserting gel cushions onto the soles of your stilettos or shoes.

Band Aids – Having a few band aids in your purse can be very handy in tricky situations. If you find you have tightness or blisters developing, it is very useful to be able to rush to the bathroom, whip out a few flesh-toned band aids and apply them to the affected areas to create a barrier between your skin and the offending shoe.

Revitalizing foot spray- Sometimes all you need is a good foot spray to banish any developing odors or simply freshen up your feet with its inherent essential oils. Choose a foot spray that has a mood-lifting and refreshing type of oil. Witch hazel, peppermint and clove are all great combinations that will do just that.

Research: Yes there is an art to walking in heels and stilettos. If you have occasion to be in these swanky and fabulous shoes, check out this video for some interesting information science and technique on how to walk in heels and stilettos.

It really is up to you be put your best foot forward and be ‘footloose’ and fancy free!

Work it!


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