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Dooney Inspired Handbags

Updated on October 28, 2010

Dooney Inspired Handbags

Replica Handbags,Designer Replica Handbags, Knockoff Handbags and purses what ever you choose to call them seem to be some what popular these days. Now why the heck would a surfer be into knockoff hand bags for right? Well I suppose growing up with 5 sisters I may have had occasion to use a few purses in my day. Mostly I would use the purses to carry my fishing equipment.

Over the years I sort of grew fond of purses. I own some beautiful purses. I do not carry them around, well one I do. Its a clutch that was handmade from palm frowns. Seriously the purse makes you feel like a little kid carrying your favorite toy. I have so much stuff to drag around I would loose it, if I didn't have something to carry it in come on! My daughter calls it a man purse.

Well anyways now you know that I have a designer purse collection. My sisters dont even know that. But I am always digging around for deals on all types of knock off handbags. Its sort of funny because none of my friends know that I have this thing about purses.

My wife and daughter always laugh at me because they are not interested at all in my purses. They never care to use them and I am not even sure what I will do with them as I dont really use them much. Hey we all should have some kind of interests that keep us going. The Dooney inspired handbags are pretty nice. Nope I dont go for matching outfits with my handbags. I admire the craftsmanship and the arty part of the designer purse thing.

Certainly when I was younger I was fascinated by women's purses, they were always dragging them around and they were like a magic hat. You never knew what your Aunt or Grandma was going to pull out of her purse. Heck I saw one of my wife's relatives pull a 4 course meal out of her purse and serve it to the family. My relatives were more inclined to carry around refreshments in their purses. They certainly didn't care if the purse was designer.

I hope you enjoy checking out all the Dooney Inspired Handbags I know I am !

Dooney Handbags


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