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All about Dooney and Bourke brand and handbags guide

Updated on March 10, 2012

Those that live in the United States are somewhat familiar with the American brand Dooney and Bourke. This brand is known for their handbags that are suitable for women of all ages. Although Dooney and Brouke is not as popular and well known as Coach and do not have the same number of physical stores, it has lots of handbags that are worth looking at. You might even convert to a Dooney and Bourke fan when you take the time to notice their products.

Handbag variety? There are lots of variety when it comes to Dooney and Bourke's collection. They have handbags made of canvass, leather, cloth and more. In addition to the different materials that they offer, Dooney bags are also colorful, fun and functional. They offer everything from small clutches to full size totes. Some bags are pure fun / causal whereas others are very business oriented / professional looking.

The fun bags? Dooney and Bourke offers lots of fun bag with a wide range of colors. You will be able to find floral prints, neon colors, plaids, multicolor and patterns. With Dooney and Bourke's fun bags, you will either love it or hate it. Furthermore, this brand is highly recommended for those that love in your face type of handbags. Disneyland offers a line of Dooney and Bourke bags that are Disney themed; those bags are very colorful.

The classic prints? Dooney and Bourke offers handbags in their traditional D and B prints. If you love logos on your bags, you can look at Dooney and Bourke's collection to find some desirable bags. They have several different fabrics and colors with the classic print, D and B all over.

The leather bags? Dooney and Bourke offers many different kinds of leather bags in their lineup. Most handbag lovers associate Dooney and Bourke with childish, fun or logo bags. However, Dooney and Bourke offers some handbags that are 100% leather and have very elegant styling fit for grown women. The fold over satchel that is offered by Dooney and Bourke is one of the most gorgeous leather bags for working women. They offer three different sizes of the same satchel and many different colors for you to choose from. This leather handbag is great for the office, interviews, important meetings with clients and other professional settings.

Small accessories? Aside from handbags, Dooney and Bourke offers lots of small accessories that will go with your handbags. For example, there are wallets, coin purses, key chains and clutches available for you to choose from. These small accessories are very well made and will last many years just like their handbags.


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    • jafruminc profile image

      jafruminc 5 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

      This is a great hub and also great handbags. Thank you for posting!