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Dr house t shirts

Updated on May 20, 2013

If you are a fan of Dr House you can find here the best and cheapest Dr house t shirts (right sidebar).

House, MD (Dr. House) is an American medical series created by David Shore. He has already received numerous awards including two Golden Globes. The main character Gregory House (character inspired in Sherlock Holmes), which stands out not only by the capacity to develop differential diagnoses, but also for his bad humor, skepticism, narcissism and the distance between him and his patients considering a completely unnecessary interaction between doctor and patient. The action is set in the fictional Princeton-Plasboro Hospital.

It´s research´s series, in which the villain is the disease and the hero is a controversial doctor, irreverent and anti-social that does not trust anyone, much less in his patients. Dr. House has formed an excellent team of three doctors, choosing only the best (according to their personal criteria and doubtful) to diagnose diseases in mysterious and already discredited cases. Only critically ill patients are examined by the team, always willing to discover the cause of the evils to save lives, either through legal channels or using some traditional methods. House has a good friend and confidant in oncology specialist Dr. James Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard). Moreover, there is a chemistry between House and fickle Dr. Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein), the Dean of Medicine and hospital administrator, the two are always in conflict about the duties of the doctor and his unconventional behavior. But still, she is forced to admit that his brilliance is worth all the work that House concerned.

dr house t shirts
dr house t shirts


Hugh Laurie - Dr Gregory House; Lisa Edelstein - Dr Lisa Cuddy; Robert Sean Leonard- Dr James Wilson; Omar Epps - Dr Eric Foreman; Jennifer Morrison - Dr Allison Cameron; Jesse Spencer - Dr Robert Chase: Olivia Wilde - Dr Remy Hadley: Peter Jacobson - Dr Chris Taub

David Shore - Hack; Family Law; Law & Order

Katie Jacobs - "Gideon's Crossing"; David Shore, Paul Attanasio - Gideon's Crossing; Bryan Singer - " Dirty Sexy Money, " - The Return "; Thomas L. Moran - "JAG" - "Hack"; Russel Friend - "Boston Public" - "Roswell" and Garrett Lerner - "Boston Public" - "Roswell"; Heel and Toe Films, Shore Z Productions, Bad Hat Harry Productions and Universal Media Studios.

"Teardrop" by Massive Attack.


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