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Dress Code for Entry into Heaven

Updated on September 3, 2011

After the recent premature death of Amy Winehouse and the accompanying press photographs of Amy and her distinctive style two of the grandchildren entered into an earnest conversation as to whether she would be allowed into heaven as everyone in heaven wears white like the angels and do not sport tattoos , at least not where they can be seen (They obviously assume that you enter heaven body and soul). The younger of the two, a girl, decided that she may be allowed in if she wore pink or yellow as that was almost white and the other said that she would have to brush her hair. They both agreed that she went up to heaven on a cloud and that her music would be playing in heaven. This was all very matter of fact to them so it was decided that as I am considerably older than Amy I must know these things and so I was asked how I wanted to enter heaven when I died, which hopefully won't be for many years yet.

I was at a loss to answer so I thought I would play along and assume that yes, there is a heaven and it is a physical place and that when I die that is where I will go. Who was I to disillusion them at such a young age so I told them how I would like to enter heaven. When I go I would dearly love to skid into heaven sideways after narrowly avoiding the pearly gates. I won't be wearing white, that's not practical around livestock. I don't want to go looking well preserved , I want my face to tell life's tale of the joys and the sadness. my wrinkles and laughter lines a testimony to the pleasures and hardships I have experienced and as for my grey/white hair doesn't wisdom come with age?If you looked closer my stretch marks are a legacy from my children, my hands tell that I have worked for my living , have nurtured my children and grown food for my family. For all that life has given me, be it good or bad, when I finally come face to face with my maker I want to be able to say O my God, that was some ride!!

Two very serious children listened intently to my proposed entry into heaven. Knowing looks and whispers were exchanged between them and then came the verdict - Nanna, if you really want to skid into heaven you can borrow my skateboard ! If it were only that easy.


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