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Dress in Fashion - Boho style

Updated on July 17, 2011

Boho style

 Boho is a fashion trend that has been created by fashionista celebrities. The likes of Kate Moss and Sienna Miller created this trend with their choice of offbeat daytime clothing. The look has been created from shopping at London's famous flea and vintage markets and is popular throughout the seasons. The boho icon combines key vintage pieces, often 60's or 70's in style with high street basics and accessories. The boho style is relaxed and comfortable, as if it has been 'thrown' on without thought, when in reality, for many the look is very difficult to get right. This guide aims to suggest key pieces that will create the boho style that can then be worn with a variety of basics. Add further interest to your look by searching thrift and charity stores for vintage jewellery, handbags or shoes.

Dress in fashion - wear boho!

Boho chic - The style icon

Dress in fashion - boho - Sienna Miller
Dress in fashion - boho - Sienna Miller

Dress in fashion - Boho


The skinny jean is an essential component of the boho style. The whole relaxed look of the trend makes a pair of distressed or vintage wash jeans the perfect compliment and starting point to your look. The skinny jeans are the most popular style for wearing with flat over the knee boots, ankle boots or flat sandals. If skinny jeans aren't your thing, choose a flared leg for a similarly successful boho style. When choosing your denim go for a classic colour and style, avoid gems and stitching detail.

Dress in fashion - the white tee
Dress in fashion - the white tee

The white top

The white blouse, shirt or T-shirt is the other foundation piece for the boho look. To dress in fashion, true boho style, this piece would probably be found in a thrift or vintage store. If you prefer not to search high and low, there are many vintage inspired alternatives on the high street or online. This top from Fox has a fantastic shape that hangs and drapes from the contours of the body. The print is interesting and the muted colour is great for the boho style. Do not choose a tight fitting top, always choose a loose style, but pale stripes, prints and embroidery is a perfect addition to the white.

Shirt and fur gilet
Shirt and fur gilet

 The Fur Gilet / Vest

Faux fur has become a huge trend is recent seasons and the boho style does it perfectly. Combine a relaxed fur vest with your white shirt or t-shirt for a warm, cosy, yet sophisticated look. The two fur vests suggested here have great shape for the boho style. They drape over the body well and the slight pattern to the fur makes it look more expensive. Team these with the other items suggested and you are almost there! Dress in fashion - boho style!

Dress in fashion - boho boots
Dress in fashion - boho boots

 The boho boot is a revolution for women, a sexy on trend shoe that offers great comfort! The boho boot comes in so many variations that it makes your choice difficult. The best colours to choose from are earthy tones, such as red, grey or tan. These colours go with more accessories. Also go for a boot that can easily slip over your skinny jeans. The Aldo boots above are the perfect boho buy, fabulous with jeans or skirts and a great deep colour that will match any accessory.

Dress in fashion - Sienna Miller
Dress in fashion - Sienna Miller

 The boho accessory

The use of accessories is the key to a truly successful boho look. The accessories can be quite off beat and unusual and more often that not, vintage inspired. Hats, beads, cuffs, bags are all great interchangeable options. The accessories need to have the same relaxed look as the clothing, so don't choose bright sparkly numbers. Head for the dull golds, bronzes and silvers, or ethnic beads. I have chosen a few key accessories that will finish off any boho outfit. Hope you like them.


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    • dosburros profile image

      dosburros 7 years ago

      thanks for your kind comments. Its incredible how with a little imagination a lot of clothing can form part of an exclusive boho look...

    • BJBenson profile image

      BJBenson 7 years ago from USA

      I am 47 and I have been dressing HOBO ever since I could remember. May it live on....

    • lindacee profile image

      lindacee 7 years ago from Arizona

      Love boho style! It is an effortless look and fits my lifestyle perfectly. Great hub and product selection. Thanks for sharing your fashion knowledge!