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Dress in fashion - Burlesque

Updated on March 9, 2011

If you are looking for a little fashion inspiration and are just not sure how to create a look that is current and on trend, look no further.... DRESS IN FASHION, dress in BURLESQUE!

Burlesque is one of the hottest trends to hit the world fashion market in recent years, pioneered by the actress and burlesque dancer, turned Fashion Icon; Dita Von Teese. Since beginning as a Burlesque club dancer and stripper, Dita has single handidly transformed the Burlesque scene; from back alley clubs, to a high street favourite and Hollywood movie story.

Dress in fashion - Burlesque style, is not all about strutting around in underwear and performing strip tease routines, the theme can also be inspiring to day wear and elegant evening wear.

In this article I take inspiration from the fashion of Dita Von Teese to put together a number of Burlesque style looks that are suitable for many occasions. Dress in Fashion - Bulresque, will have you standing out from the crowd and ensure a win in the competitive fashion stakes.

Dress in fashion - choose Burlesque!

Dita Von Teese - Burlesque Icon
Dita Von Teese - Burlesque Icon

The Burlesque Style

 As you can see from the elegant picture of Dita, Burlesque style is a fabulous combination of vintage styles, twisted with a little bit of flirtatious glamour. Red lips are a must, teamed with a pale complexion and highly defined eyes and eyebrows. Dita's hair is also always superbly coiffed and immaculate. There are many videos online to teach you how to create the perfect Burlesque make up or hair look. Here are a few products that I think would be a great starting point for you.

Burlesque inspired by Vintage

 With its traditions lying in 1950s music hall, Burlesque fashion today still has a strong sense of Vintage styling. Starting with a Vintage dress is a great way to create your first Burlesque outfit. Look for an off beat accessory or pair of killer platform shoes to transform the image it portrays.

True Vintage can often be expensive and hard to find; yet with so many designers now catering for the rise in popularity of vintage styles, you can buy new. You just have to know what to look for. Here are my top suggestions for Vintage style dresses that could be created into your dress in fashion Burlesque look.

Dita's mix of Vintage and Burlesque

Dress in Fashion - Burlesque
Dress in Fashion - Burlesque

The accessories

 As mentioned, the accessories are often what transforms a look from normal to hot! Burlesque style accessories can be quite extravagant and are often bold bright colours. Hair accessories are popular additions to an outfit, as well as vintage style handbags in modern fabrics. Choose contrasting colours to your dress for maximum impact.

Dress in fashion- Burlesque, choose the right accessories!

Burlesque Hair Accessories

Dress in fashion - Burlesque
Dress in fashion - Burlesque

Burlesque style shoes

 Burlesque style shoes are a shoe lovers dream. Think of the brightest colours, prettiest ribbons and highest heels; burlesque shoes have it! The wearing of a burlesque style shoe will insight immediate confidence and sex appeal, amazing for power dressing at work or for a glitzy glam night out. Here is my top 3!

Dress in fashion - burlesque
Dress in fashion - burlesque

Feeling Burlesque ready?

If you fancy a go at the more 'risque' side of Burlesque now you have the outerwear sorted, check out my article on Burlesque corsets!


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