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Panties 101

Updated on July 7, 2010


It can be such a turn off to see women wearing the wrong panties with a particular outfit.
Selection depends on your weight and build.
If you are slender then you can wear bikini panties and thongs with a smooth fit. But if you like that your thong straps are visible (above your pant/skirt ) then you have issues...your self-respect is suffering. Panties are an intimate item of clothing...unless you want to be seen as a sleaze don't do that. Maintain some modesty! Keep the details of your panties to yourself or for your 'your eyes only' partner. If you are single and want to attract a man by being sexy...OK...but really! What type of man do you think you will attract? Another sleaze!? A respectable man should find it distasteful.

If you are overweight then please don't try to dress like a skinny person. Wear panties that are comfortable for your weight even if that means briefs. Wearing thongs that show between flab is unsightly and tells everyone your self-respect is suffering because you don't care that you look awful. Wearing bikini panties that cut across your butt is also unsightly. Make sure you look at your rear in the mirror when you get dressed! You can also apply this advice to belly shirts, low rise jeans, and tube tops..why would you want to walk around looking like your clothes don't fit? Take pride in your appearance and dress according to your body, and age.
Moderate builds are most challenging because of the variety of body types that are possible, but check out the following;
If you have a fit waist then you can show it off with a belly shirt, bikini or thong panties and low rise jeans.
If you have a flabby gut then don't even think about wearing bikini panties or belly shirts. If you have nice boobs then shift the focus to them with a low cut babydoll top or v-neck shirt with a pretty necklace. You can get away with wearing thong panties - if the straps aren't visible.

Leggings can be attractive with any body type. The key is the top you choose to wear with them. If you are slender leggings can be worn with a belly shirt, and then use either thong panties or briefs. Bikini's are out of the question with a belly shirt for any body type. If you have a moderately sized butt then use any top that is no shorter than the Y of your crotch with thongs or briefs. If you have a large butt then only wear leggings with a tunic top or mini dress and it doesn't matter what panties you wear with those tops.

Hope this is useful for you ladies! No harm intended for any body type. Just remember that how you dress and present yourself makes an impression on others. You will want to look and feel good about how your clothes fit you. And doing so reflects a healthy self-image and maintains your all important healthy self-esteem!


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    • C-Bless profile image


      7 years ago from Canada

      Very insightful and a really good read which made me chuckle at times. Thank you for sharing...

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Great hub GoGranny! Totally agree with the 'showing the thong' part, hate it when girls do that! And thanks for the other information :-)


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