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Dry Skin Problems and Treatments

Updated on October 10, 2017

Dry Skin is a Product of the Environment

While there are people who deal with dry skin on a regular basis, there are others who deal with bouts of dry skin when the weather changes. This usually occurs during different seasons, especially when the air is colder. In order to understand how to treat dry skin, people need to understand why it occurs.

The Ever-changing Environment and Dry Skin

Usually, dry skin is the product of the ever-changing environment. Changes in temperature and humidity levels can cause the skin to be dry. There are also changes that occur within ones living quarters, which can also affect the oils in the skin.

Space heaters and fireplaces can actually rob the skin of moisture and cause the skin to be drier than usual. This happens because there is a reduction in the amount of moisture and humidity in the air when these particular heating devices are used.

Other environmental factors include how frequent people take hot baths or showers. Hot water strips the skin of natural oils. Harsh soaps and detergents can also rob the skin of essential lipids and hydration. Increased sun exposure also dries out the skin and exposes it to harmful ultraviolet rays, which can have long-term side effects on the skin.

Since there are many different side effects that occur when dry skin makes it presence known, below is a list of potential side effects caused by dry skin.

Side Effects Caused from Dry Skin:

  • Rough Skin
  • Itching
  • Grayish Colored Skin, or Ashy Skin
  • Redness
  • Tight feeling skin

Whether it’s dry skin on the face, or on different parts of the body, dry skin can be an uncomfortable skin condition. In extreme cases, skin that is severely dehydrated can even crack and bleed. This can leave the person in immense pain and unsure of how to treat it.

How to Treat Dry Skin

In order for the person to treat dry skin, they need to make sure to follow a routine skin care plan. This means, to stick to the same cleansers and moisturizers they have always used. Any change in the skin care routine can cause an imbalance in the oils in the skin. This can cause the person to break out or skin to react in a not so pleasant way.

People with dry skin should also remember to moisturize the skin often and make sure to invest in a high-quality moisturizer that is waterproof and deeply penetrates the skin. A moisturizer that penetrates the skin can get underneath several layers making sure to deliver the essential nutrients the skin needs to be adequately moisturized. The waterproof factor is equally important because the longer the moisturizer is able to stay on the skin, the more likely it will be absorbed into the skin.

Treating dry skin is easily accomplished when the right advice is followed. By sticking to a routine skin care treatment and moisturizing often, the skin will retain moisture and be less susceptible to dryness. Other environmental factors can also affect the moisture level of the skin; therefore, cutting back on how often heating devices are used in the home as well as how much time is spent in the sun, are essential for keeping skin hydrated and healthy.


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