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Dye your Eyelashes - eylure Dylash review

Updated on December 13, 2017
The home dye kit
The home dye kit | Source

Why dye your eyelashes?

Using eyelash dye will give more definition to your lashes, and eyebrows. The dye can make lashes appear longer if they fade in colour towards the ends, and bring small, light lashes to attention. So if you hate waking up to a completely barefaced look, want to save some time applying makeup, or enjoy an active lifestyle, consider dyeing your lashes.

Dye does not thicken lashes like mascara, but you can still use mascara on top of the dye if you want to. Removing the makeup won't affect the dye. Results will last as long as the lash does, so an application works until current lashes grow out. This may be a month or so. You can re-apply dye to catch new growth.

Beauty salons will dye lashes and brows for you, but bear in mind that a home kit can be roughly half the cost of one visit to the salon. A kit contains up to 12 applications.

Kit Contents

Contents of your kit
Contents of your kit | Source

What's inside the kit?

The eylure Dylash kit contains a clear plastic tray, which neatly holds -

* A tube of dye cream

* A bottle of activating solution

* A mixing stick

* A wand for application

* Shaped under eye protectors

The tray itself has a handy circular dip for mixing the dye

You will also find instructions on how to use the kit.

Test for sensitivity to the product

You need to test for any allergic reaction to the dye before using it on your eye area. This is done by making up a small amount of dye mix, and applying some to the inner elbow, or behind the ear. Leave the product untouched for at least 48 hours to see if there's any irritation. Do not use it to dye your lashes or brows if you have a bad reaction.

Mixing the dye cream and activating solution.
Mixing the dye cream and activating solution. | Source

Follow the instructions carefully when mixing the dye cream and activating solution. The mixing stick has a round paddle at one end, which is useful to pat the mixture rather than stir at first. It may seem a little hard to combine the two products, but you will get a smooth paste after a couple of minutes.

Important. Remember that dye will stain anything it comes into contact with, unless removed immediately with a damp tissue. Be careful how you dispose of the tissue so it doesn't transfer dye onto anything else.

Tips for your home dye session.

* Use a magnifying mirror, particularly if you wear spectacles for close work.

* Good lighting helps see lashes properly

* Rub a little petroleum jelly on your eyelids as a barrier against the dye

* A damp cotton wool bud can help remove misplaced dye

* Wipe away any smudges immediately

* Remember to watch the time

Are you ready to Dye?

Once I'd tested for sensitivity, I mixed some dye cream and activating solution as per the instructions. I found the under eye protectors difficult to use, but as I have a steady hand, that wasn't a problem. I dipped the applicator wand into the mix, making sure not to use too much to help avoid smudges. It was easy to run the wand through my lashes. I paid careful attention to detail - make every lash count.

The ten minutes wait for the dye to work went quickly. I kept an eye on the mirror in case blinking caused smudging, and used a cotton wool bud to wipe away any wayward dye.

Next, I used two cotton wool pads and warm water to remove excess dye. Using a separate pad for each eye is good hygiene practice.

I cleaned the mixer tray, stick and wand for future use, and put the leftover dye carefully in a waste bin.

I was pleased with the results, especially once I'd brushed and curled my lashes. I'm allergic to all eye makeup, but fortunately can use the dye successfully.

Have you used eyelash dye?

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I found the eylure Dylash kit simple and convenient to use. The initial cost works out well when you consider how many applications it will provide - the box says up to twelve. You do need to be careful with the safety instructions, and when using the dye, which is to be expected.

I have used another home kit in the past, which didn't provide the wand for application. The plain plastic stick in that kit didn't work as well as the wand.

I'm very satisfied with this purchase, and would be happy to use it again.

4 stars for eylure Dylash


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    • innerspin profile image

      Kim Kennedy 4 years ago from uk

      Hi Vickiw, thanks for commenting. I was surprised that I can use eyelash dye, but after doing the sensitivity test, found it was fine. Home kits won't suit everyone, but they are popular with many people.

    • profile image

      Vickiw 4 years ago

      Interesting, as I cannot wear eye makeup either! I would not be able to do this. It sounds pretty scary, as I am quite useless at make up! But I am sure it will be of interest to many, who have steady hands and eyes!