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Dyeing Hair with Kool Aid

Updated on January 10, 2015
Hair highlights
Hair highlights | Source

It may seem like something your kids would do for Halloween or maybe for a psychedelic retro party for grown-ups. Believe it or not, Kool Aid can actually be used to dye people’s hair! Why waste money on expensive hair dyes or trips to the salon, when all you need is right down the aisle in your neighborhood supermarket?

Dyeing hair with Kool Aid is a fun alternative that is also a lot easier on the wallet. It’s also natural since the ingredients won’t wear out your hair like some bleaches and other “professional” hair dyes do. Let’s outline steps for dyeing hair with Kool Aid below.

1. Gather the hair dye ingredients

The first step is the get all your ingredients. Go to the supermarket and pick a Kool Aid flavor that has the right color for your hair type. Dark hair is harder to color with certain flavors, but red flavors like strawberry, cherry or raspberry are ideal for creating red highlights in darker hair. If you have lighter hair, then the sky is the limit. Go for some blueberry if you want to really surprise your family or husband in the morning. You can pretend you are a Smurf – or maybe not.

Once you have all your packets and the color selected, you’ll need a few other things before dyeing hair with Kool Aid. Get an old towel to cover your shoulders with and some dishwashing gloves for covering your hands. You’ll also need a bowl to mix the Kool Aid in. A chair would be good too so you can sit down, but you could do it standing up if you’re not a fan of chairs and have strong legs. You will also need shampoo conditioner for mixing.

2. Prepare your Kool Aid

Empty about five Kool Aid packets into the bowl. You could use more depending on how bright or saturated you want your hair to be. It may take some experimentation, but it is recommended to start with only a few packets first to know how your hair reacts to the quantity of Kool Aid in the mixture. If you have very light brown, red or blond hair then two to three packs could be enough for you. If you have really dark hair then try using more packs. It’s all about experimentation for getting your preferred result.

Once you have the right amount of Kool Aid in the bowl, it is time to add the shampoo conditioner. Put two to four tablespoons of conditioner into the bowl. Again, the amount of conditioner you choose to add depends on how many Kool Aid packets you’ve dumped in. So use your discretion.

Mix the Kool Aid and conditioner together to make a thick paste. Some people add water to the mixture, but be careful not to add so much that it is too runny.

3. Apply the mixture to your hair

The final step is to put the paste in your hair with a comb. Once it is spread consistently throughout your luscious locks, massage it into your hair with your hands (with your gloves on). Avoid rubbing your scalp with it, unless you want a red, blue or purple head.

Cover your hair with cellophane wrap and leave it on overnight while you sleep. The plastic wrap will let the mixture penetrate your hair strands and prevent your pillow from turning the same color as your Kool Aid mix.

When you get up in the morning, remove the plastic wrap and wash your hair thoroughly with water. Voila! You are ready to surprise your family in the morning.

Video: Kool Aid hair dye tutorial

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    • DrMark1961 profile image

      Dr Mark 3 years ago from The Beach of Brazil

      I do this a little differently with dogs (they wont go to sleep with their hair wrapped in plastic), but basically it is the same concept. Great info!

    • wiserworld profile image

      wiserworld 4 years ago

      You could try adding more packs to the mix... It also depends on your hair color and type too

    • profile image

      mimi 4 years ago

      i tried this but it didn't work what could i be doing wrong ?

    • profile image

      CameronK 4 years ago

      Your picture looks EXACTLY like Alissa White-Gluz c:

    • profile image

      ashley 4 years ago

      i love dip dieing my hair it relly fun i did ma hair red

    • profile image

      Sarahhh 5 years ago

      I really want to try this. I've seen my friends hair, she dyed her blonde hair with red koolaid, in a streak. I want to dye my blonde (darker blonde, but still pretty blonde) tips dark blue or sky blue. What would be the best mixture to get the perfect mix between light and dark. I heard to mix blue raspberry and a little bit of grape, but idk. Oh and I have short-ish hair (chin length, a little longer) so i thought dying my tips would be coolio(:

    • profile image

      Emily 5 years ago

      This sounds easy and quick! I'd love to do try this out whenever I can!!! ~THX~ =)

    • profile image

      Autumn 5 years ago

      Ok thanks

    • wiserworld profile image

      wiserworld 5 years ago

      I've heard it's okay to shampoo but the color will stay longer the less frequently you shampoo!

    • profile image

      Autumn 5 years ago

      By the way, your hair looks great when its blue! Impressive since it's koolaide! :)

    • profile image

      Autumn 5 years ago

      I have blonde hair and made a paste out of conditioner water and obviously koolaide, it's red koolaide. It's been in for about 9 hours. Tomorrow morning im gonna take it out and shower. How long should it stay in? Is it ok if I shampoo and condition?

    • Theresa Greene profile image

      Theresa Greene 5 years ago from Bristol, Tennessee

      This was a secret of the beauty industry when i used to do hair! and it tastes good too! lol

    • wiserworld profile image

      wiserworld 5 years ago

      Thanks! I'd say after a couple weeks it will start to fade. Stock up on more packets at the market for another strawberry dye!

    • poowool5 profile image

      poowool5 5 years ago from here in my house

      What a hoot! Love this idea, fact, I just couldn't "hop on by" your hub as I was hub-hopping cos I loved the title.

      Roll on Halloween and we will go for a whole fruit bowl of colors in this family. Well-written and explained hub (although I'd love to know how long you can expect it to last?)