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Dying Your Hair at Home

Updated on December 11, 2012

Why at Home?

Well, there are a couple of reasons. First, the formulas out there are actually very good, even comparable to what you might find at the salon. However, the biggest reason you would choose to dye at home is the cost, you're going to save money. Usually you can get a kit for less than $10, which is great on the pocket, and considering you would usually dye your hair every six weeks or so, you're saving hundreds of dollars a year doing your own coloring.

Picking Your Color

I am writing this article for those of us out there that are looking to cover grey hairs and try to keep our color as natural as possible, this is not for those who would like a drastic change. If you are thinking about dying your hair pink, this is not the article for you, but good luck. Usually, you want to choose color that is closest to your natural color, this way the upkeep is not as demanding.


First, follow the directions in how to mix your dye. Then, you want to start at your natural part and work the dye into the roots, then continue this throughout your entire head. Once the roots are covered you can work the rest of the dye through your hair right down to your tips. Watch the instructional video below for a more detailed explaination. Let the dye sit and do it's magic for about 25-40 minutes, the more grey you have the longer you want to leave it in. Rinse it out in the shower and condition with the conditioner supplied in the kit. That's it, you're done.

Dying Your Roots

So, there are kits out there specifically for roots and they come with a brush, which is fine, but I like to save money, so here is a quick tip for your roots. Buy the regular hair dye kit you usually do, and only mix half of the solution into a bowl, use that for your roots and save the other half of the unused solution for next time you need to touch up your roots. I do this because the root touch up kits are more expensive then the regular dye kits, and I can get to root jobs from the one kit. Plus, this is a guaranteed match because it your regular dye.


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