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E.L.F - "" and Products Review - Beauty on a Budget

Updated on February 27, 2015

Beauty for All

Not everyone has the money to blow on expensive brands or make up nor does everyone have the want to. There are many drug store brands that can be fairly inexpensive but sometimes they aren't that good and sometimes drug store brand can be pricey too!

E.L.F is a cosmetics brand that has a range of items for prices that most anyone could afford and a great range of products to suit most of the cosmetic needs you have. E.L.F has a cheap price but a great quality in most of the products they have to offer.

Below you'll read about an overview of the website and a review of a few of my top picked E.L.F products.


"" is a very sleek and simple website aiding for easy navigation and quick searching.

Tabs are located near the top of the screen for narrowing categories down. They have the typical types of beauty tabs and then they have a conveniently placed "What's New" tab so you can keep track of any new products that come out, a "Best Seller's" tab so so you can check out the top trending sells and see what products are among the favorites, and a "Sale" tab so there is an ease to find sales.

Current promotions are often displayed in a banner below the tabs or in the top right corner. There are always promotions going on on their website which is great because you get those cheap products even cheaper.

If you want to locate a store that supplies E.L.F products you can use the "store locater" that appears in the top right corner, along with the option to sign in, get help, manage your shopping bag or search. [You can find E.L.F products at some local retailers. The most likely places to find them are at Walgreens, Target, and Kmart. Sometimes appearing at Dollar General and Dollar Tree.]

A screen shot of the free shipping deals they have going on currently.
A screen shot of the free shipping deals they have going on currently. | Source

The Ordering Process

E.L.F is one of my favorite companies to order with (and not just because they're cheap!). The ordering process is great because there is always a promotion going on so not only do you save more money, but you sometimes can even get extra products.

The website always offers you free shipping on orders above thirty five dollars which you can get a lot of products for that price depending on what you get while with high end products that would be about a product and a half. Sometimes they may have other promotions with shipping (currently free shipping with orders starting out at twenty five dollars).

Now combined with the free shipping, if you use one of the promotions (normally fifty percent off of certain items) you can maximize your savings and get more products.

I would suggest waiting till you are out of products or are wanting to buy a mass amount because if you wait till you have thirty five dollars worth of products and use a coupon to that, you will get to add more items to get to that thirty five dollars again (or twenty five). Giving you more items for your money and free shipping.

I wouldn't suggest ordering just one item from the site unless it's something they don't carry in store. You could probably find the cheaper smaller items at a nearby store that carries E.L.F. It's just best to buy in bulk online!

A Quick Review of My Top Picked Items from E.L.F

You can read reviews of E.L.F products from other users on "" by going to the product you want to see the review on.

But here is a couple of my favorite products from E.L.F and my honest opinion on how good they work.

Lip Stain

When I first got this lip stain is was a whopping dollar. With it being so cheap I really didn't expect much but I was really hoping not to be disappointed as I've been using E.L.F products for years. Let me tell you, I was so impressed with this lip stain that I had a new found love for lip stains. I bought the red color shown in the picture above and it was so vibrant and beautiful.

It's so easy to apply as it has a tip like a pen, making it easy to make sharp lines. It's sticky for a short bit after applying but soon it dries and leaves you feeling like there is nothing on your lips. As for the staining quality, it stays on very well as long as you don't eat wet foods or excessively drink. I suggest wearing a lip gloss or lip stick on top of it if you don't like matte, although when wearing lip gloss or lip stick on top of it will cause it to wear a bit more quickly.

With this lip stain, you get about four hours of coverage before it starts to fade, and it tends to appear cracked after a while. These downfalls aren't good qualities in a lip stain, but when it's so cheap, it isn't bad at all. Applying every four hours can have it's advantages as it allows you to have a fresh slate either after eating or just long wear.

Now, I said I payed a dollar for this, which I did. This product has now gone up in price to two dollars. Still with all of the downfalls and benefits, I think this product is still I wonderful price and I will continue to buy this product as long as it stays under five dollars.

Anyone looking for a cheap lip stain should at least try this once. For two dollars it isn't much of a dive if it doesn't work out for you, it's better than ten or more dollars on other stains that you've never tried.

Eyeshadow Brush

Now let's be honest, eyeshadow brushes can be extremely pricey. I've resorted to trying paint brushes and dollar store brushes at some point in my life until I found these.

With every cheap brush I've ever tried I have always had issues with the bristles falling out and the handles snapping off. When I discovered E.L.F's brushes I was skeptical to try another cheap brand and at first decided not to try it. Eventually I got sick of using my finger to try to do my make up and decided to give it a shot.

Upon trying this brush for the first time I immediately regretted not buying more. This brush is nice and soft without concern of hairs falling out while using or from use. Nor does the handle break off from everyday use. This brush is very easy to use for applying eyeshadow and can even be used for eye concealer.

I have had some of the Essential Brushes (which is the one to two dollar brush line) for about three to four years now and they are still in good condition. I keep them in a brush holder and occasionally clean the bristles to keep them from getting too caked up. Be sure to avoid getting these fully doused in water as it will cause the glue to come undone and the brush to fall apart (as with any brush). I also suggest E.L.F's brush cleaner for these brushes.

You really can't go wrong with this brush.

Acne Fighting Gel - A Diamond in the Rough

Just by looking through the items on "" this product is hard to find. I had to search to even find this product for this review.

This item only has two reviews on the website which is very shocking to me because this item is a must for myself.

When the time of the month comes around for me and my face becomes home to some ugly and unattractive little guests, I always use this on them at night. When I wake up the redness is down and most of the time the size is down more than half way. After two to three days of use the pimple usually goes away and doesn't leave marks on my face. I also use this on popped pimples to help them go away quickly as well.

For two dollars, everyone could use this in their house for the occasional ugly and troublesome pimples. This really works wonders and helps with pain.

I wouldn't suggest this for severe and heavy cases of acne as this product is a roller ball and won't coat the face properly.

E.L.F also offers a bi-monthly subscription service as well.
E.L.F also offers a bi-monthly subscription service as well.

Beauty Bundle

While I've yet to try out this service, I thought it was important to add.

Just like with other subscription service you can buy it by order or in lump sums. It is 19.99 if you choose to order it by box and you get a price cut on that if you choose to pay for several ahead of time.

You get several full sized items of different types totaling at least forty dollars for each box.

Ending Notes

There is so much value to be had at "" and in E.L.F products. I recommend anyone to try out these products as for the price; you can't go wrong.

Everyone is entitled to beauty and with E.L.F and their reasonable products everyone can have access to the items that help enhance their beauty.

Next time you see E.L.F products in store I recommend picking up something to try, and next time you're online shopping just drop by.


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