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Ear Candles

Updated on March 27, 2012

Ear Candle

Ear candling, ear coning, or whatever you would like to call it works! There have been arguments back and forth about ear candles and whether or not they work or are good for you. I am here to sort of set the record straight about them.

Sure you can get injured using an ear candle, but you can also get injured in a car, sleeping in bed, eating ice cream, or whatever you choose to do. Does that mean you stop doing it? No. I have used an ear candle to clean out my ears for about 7 years and my hearing is still as good as ever.

I have never burnt myself or jammed the ear cone so far in that it has injured my ear drum. Just like driving a car, as long as you are using it properly you will be fine.

Ear Candles aren't everything though. After I use an ear cone I sometimes have to cover my ear when I go out side because the ear candle has done it's job too well or I haven't used it frequently enough. What I mean by this is after you clean out the excess ear wax your ear is going to be a little sensitive because it doesn't have that layer to sort of guard it from a really windy day.

Honestly that has been the only downfall I have seen when using an ear candle, and it only lasts for a really short while. After my ears have adjusted I am perfectly fine and can go about my day with better hearing.

One thing I will say about ear candling is it is addicting. Use and ear candle then clean out your ears in the shower on a daily basis. You shouldn't have to use the ear candle more than once a month, and even that is really frequent.

Ear candles are the best way I have found to clean out my ears. If you have any questions you can also check out this site I found: Ear Candles.


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